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221 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Aero Contractors Airline, as Nigeria’s national flag carrier, is a wrong choice (1-2)
Aero contractors was owned entirely by the Ibru Family until the federal government seized some of the assets bought by Ms. Cecilia Ibru with the money stolen from Oceanic bank; so the 60 percent stake the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON)...
222 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Nigeria: A place where a day after becomes worse than the one before (1)
The problem with Nigeria is that the ruling class is destabilising the people’s ability to unite against their misrule by their emphasising the differences between the peoples of Nigeria through ethnicity/parochialism/sectionalism and religious...
223 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - HIS MARUPO (Haz Iwendi sustainable manpower for rural policing): A foundation in honour of late CP Haz Iwendi (1)
A Nigeria Police Force that has failed in its constitutional duty was not what Haz Iwendi had in mind. As the Force Public Relations Officer, he worked hard to cleanse the image of the force, but, lo, since he left the department and death, the police...
224 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Tragedy at the House of Representatives: The rubicon has been crossed
My heart goes out to Safana family for the irreparable loss, but, he might have paid a big price for supporting an evil woman. To put it mildly, Etteh is the devil incarnate and a shame to womanhood.
225 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Because of President Buhari, the world now sees most nigerians as fantastically corrupt criminals, whose wives belong to the kitchen (Pictorial) (1)
There's a saying that 'I am patient with stupidity, but not with those who are proud of it'. This is a time that is really testing my patience; a time I'm trying very hard to keep my cool....
226 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Coincidence of the release of the 21 Chibok girls and President Buhari's visit to Germany
The Nigerian government is amateurish and deceitful, but the problem is that even a kindergarten pupil can craft a lie better than this government. I wonder if this government sees everybody as a fool who can swallow its cheap lies hook, line and sinker.
227 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Arms Deal: Nigeria derserves better from South Africa (Conclusion)
President Zuma of South Africa, like some many other South Africans, is an ingrate, who forgot what Nigeria did for them not too long ago. Zuma wants to sabotage President Jonathan’s effort in the war against the insurgents because he wants Jonathan to...
228 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Behold Nigeria`s silver spoons in the North! Nigerians are not amused
When I read it, I found the article repugnant and couldn’t actually figure out what the paper wants to achieve by publishing that trash. Nobody is envious or jealous about those kids, but, in Nigeria where poverty, ignorance and diseases are prevalent, it...
229 Respectfully disagreeing with my friend, Governor Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna State, on this one (2-2) -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
But how did Governor El-Rufai know that the South-East is less populated than the other zones? I hope that he was not basing his argument on the fraudulent censuses of Nigeria. Afterall, people from Chad, Niger Republic and other neighboring countries do...
230 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The ministerial list: Where are the "saints" promised? (Conclusion)
Buhari's utterances, from the beginning, deceived us into believing that his nominees will be impeccable, but, lo and behold, most of them, the nominees, have petitions and allegations against them. And the senate didn't care to look into some of the...

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