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211 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - A passionate appeal to the Honourable Minister of Education
How would you explain the attitudes of the educated elite who behave so awkward and do things the illiterates in our society might frown at? How do we explain the political tussles going on in our universities for the vice-chancellorship, professorship or...
212 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - An Open Letter to Mr. President: Petroleum Development Trust Fund (PTDF)’s scholarships are not open to all qualified Nigerians
The point here is that the indigenes of the oil producing states are not saying that they should be the only ones to benefit from oil, afterall, all Nigerians have the right of benefit from oil, but, it’s condemnable when the indigenes of the oil producing...
213 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - HIS MARUPO (Haz Iwendi sustainable manpower for rural policing): A foundation in honour of late CP Haz Iwendi (1)
Since his death, the Nigeria Police Force Haz Iwendi envisaged is still far fetched, infact the force is now worse than he left it and he must be a sad man watching how rag-tag the force is turning into everyday. ... Let's honour Haz Iwendi, any way we...
214 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The exit of Chief Odimegwu: Nigeria may never have an accurate/credible census
Who can take Chief Odimegwu’s place? Dr. Sam Ahaiwe, the commissioner representing Abia State in the commission, has been appointed the acting chairman, pending the appointment of a substantive chairman. This column has lost hope that there ever will be...
215 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Goodluck Jonathan: Despised at home, loved abroad
Instead of tackling the myriad problems besetting Nigeria, President Buhari goes about looking for whom to arrest and detain.
216 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - In-fighting between two female ministers, in President Jonathan’s cabinet, may have exposed the Aviation Minister
The genesis of this bullet-proof cars scandal engulfing the aviation ministry and its minister has been linked to an in-fighting between the petroleum minister and the aviation minister, and this is predicated on who will have more access to the president...
217 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - No matter the odds, something beautiful still remains
In the midst of all these hardship, hopelessness and despair, something beautiful still remains for us and they’re: the lives we live and the love we share!
218 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The plight of Nigerian students on federal scholarship in foreign countries (Pictorial)
Some Nigerian students, on federal scholarship abroad, contacted me to help them bring their plight to the notice of the authorities in Nigeria. I told them that they are better placed, than me, to say exactly what they are going, through in foreign lands,...
219 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Too much noise and no action: Not the best way to fight corrupttion (7)
These are hard times for Nigeria; if you were worried when Goodluck Jonathan was president; the feeling now is that of despair and frustration. Everything's at a standstill. We're well-nigh the end of the year, with only about two months left, and still,...
220 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - 2014: The year Nigeria would not forget in a hurry (8)
When the world will know that Boko Haram is trying to pull a fast one on Nigeria is if the Chibok Girls are not released from captivity. Definitely, not all the girls will return, so the terrorists will have so many questions to answer. The military has...

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