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171 Nigeria: A country under spell (3) -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
The genocide called civil war changed everything for Nigeria, but, unfortunately, we haven't been able to do the right thing thereafter. We, Ndiigbo, say that 'he, who doesn't know where the rain starts beating him, would not know where it stops (beating...
172 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Unemployment in Nigeria: “Going thirsty in the abundance of water” (7)
Talking about the insults Nigerians, who left their shores due to unemployment, receive in foreign lands will take months and years as there are a plethora of them (insults and indignations). But, look at this most recent one, where a minister in India...
173 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Too much noise and no action: Not the best way to fight corruption (8)
President Buhari should stop giving excuses and should lead his government; most of all, President Buhari should stop blaming former president Goodluck Jonathan for his inability to start solving Nigeria's problems. Suffice it to say that Buhari will have...
174 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Unemployment in Nigeria: “Going thirsty in the abundance of water” (8)
Despite the fact that many Nigerians have excelled in the United States, United Kingdom and elsewhere, they haven’t broken the glass ceiling due to institutionalized discrimination against the black race. This confirms the saying that “there’s no place...
175 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Factors which determined the 2016 United States' presidential election's (1)
Despite all others, the religious factor played a pivotal role in deciding the election. President Obama, for reasons best known to him, was Islamizing America, and Trump pandered upon this fear to win.
176 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Patriotism re-defined
Why did we want to invite people to come and laugh at us? Why did we want to expose our shortcomings? In Nigeria, nothing works, why do we want to showcase our inability to get our acts together? Why did we want people to see that we are really a failed...
177 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Presidents Obama and Yar’Adua in the eye of the storm
Now the oil production has increased, it means more money for them to loot. Do any of us think that the increased production in oil and more money for the government and its cronies would trickle down to the poor masses in any way? ... The northerners know...
178 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Eagles flew over Tunisia and Eaglets refused to soar when it mattered most
The Super Eagles should know that the harder part of the job starts now. It’s a shame that the Super Eagles have refused to surpass the achievement of the 1994 team, proving my point that in Nigeria, a day after, becomes worse than the one before, right....
179 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - 2014: The year Nigeria would not forget in a hurry (11)
What is totally obnoxious and reeling of myopia is the belief that a ceasefire announcement would automatically translate into peace. It may well be that electoral desperation and the politics of 2015 informed the questionable deal. Either way, it portrays...
180 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - National Youth Service Corps (NYSC): Has it outlived its usefulness?
In a highly polarised ethnic environment like Nigeria, what sense is there in sending youth to states where their security cannot be guaranteed? It’s doubtful if there is any insurance covering the Corps members as they make their way on the bad roads that...

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