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111 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Bukola Saraki's travails: Who really crossed up Buhari should know that he has incurred a debt he will pay one day, no matter how long it takes (6)
There's insinuation that the Saraki family originated from Ogun State .... And, it is being used as a political arsenal in political circles in Kwara State.
112 May be, we have been expecting a lot from dunces (Conclusion) -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
This government doesn't know why it's there, or else Saraki will not make such careless utterances. The problem is that we elected dunces while expecting the best from them. Someone will not give what he or she doesn't have.
113 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - $2.1bn Arms purchase funds: Buhari didn't tell us, at first, that he benefitted from it
We're told that Sambo Dasuki has been singing like a parrot, and has been implicating those who received cash from him. One of those, we were told, he implicated was president Buhari. Sambo Dasuki alleged that Buhari received five cars and $300,000 cash...
114 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Gowon should stop hoodwinking Nigerians
Let's look at the above two points: Gowon claimed that he was the head of state, but, didn't know that Achebe was the Biafran roving ambassador and chief negotiator for Biafra during the civil war. How can the chief negotiator of Biafra, during the war, be...
115 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Factors which determined the 2016 United States' presidential election's (7)
Infact, any American, no matter his or her creed, color or the country of residence, should be ashamed of the political happenings, in America, at this particular point in time. ... The events before and after this 2016 presidential election have cut...
116 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - 2014: The year Nigeria would not forget in a hurry (14)
Some northerners, who, through their countenance, actions or inaction aided the insurgency, were at first shouting against what they termed the Nigerian militaryís high handedness in its war against the insurgents, but, when the insurgents became deadlier...
117 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Provocateurs of Ndiigbo should understand that their patience is not inexhaustible (2)
Itís unfortunate that some government officials have thrown caution to the wind and have decided to heat up the polity by what they have said. Now that the president is away, everybody should have shown self-restraint, rather than trying to exacerbate an...
118 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - 2014: The year Nigeria would not forget in a hurry (15)
It's unfortunate that the northern elite are fiddling while their region burns. Instead of the northern overlords to join hands with the government, in one way or the other, to stem the tide of insurgency ravaging their region; they are heaping all the...
119 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Six months in office: Some of the missteps of this President so far and better ways forward (An advice) 5
May be, without the kidnapping of the school children happening during Nigeria's independence anniversary period, you wouldn't have ordered the military into Aba, because, the governor of Abia State could have continued to deceive you by telling you that...
120 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - My mother, Ezinne Charity Ocheze Ubochi, has gone to meet God
My worst fear has become a reality; the dread moment is here with me; my premonition of a day like this didnít miss; my beloved mother has gone to her God!

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