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11 The ill-fated Ethiopian and Lion Airlines' flights (Conclusion) (Pictorial)
How can one be quiet when he or she knows that death is just a minute away? Business Insider tells us that the crashed Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max plane hit the ground at 575 mph, leaving a crater 32 feet deep and 131 feet long, according to a preliminary...
12 The ill-fated Ethiopian and Lion Airlines' flights (1)
The worst thing Boeing did was the selling of safety features to airlines at an extra cost. How can the company roll out 737 MAX 8 series with fanfare but didn't make certain safety features for the plane a permanent part of it?
13 The ill-fated Ethiopian and Lion Airlines' flights (2)
For Boeing, anything it does now to boost customers' confidence might be too little, too late, as the damage has already been done. It will take Boeing years to assure airlines that its planes are safe again.
14 The 2019 Nigeria's presidential election (Conclusion)
We're elated that Atiku Abubakar, who might have been the real winner of this election, did not concede defeat. As I noted previously, Atiku conceding defeat after he was robbed of the mandate given to him by the Nigerian people would have amounted to a...
15 The 2019 Nigeria's presidential election (1)
Let me add that Buhari knows what he did - that his election will be quashed by any court of competent jurisdiction, and that's why he sent an emissary, the National Peace Committee, to beg Atiku not to go to court. As a perennial presidential candidate,...
16 While we wait for Atiku Abubakar to recover the mandate the Nigerian people gave to him
Until he says he is not contesting the results, I regard him as the winner of the election in which his legitimate votes were tampered with and a conspiracy against his votes was ruthlessly carried out across the country.
17 2019: An interesting political year (President Buhari, the master of disaster, deserves no re-election) (Conclusion)
This Nigeria's presidential election has evoked lots of interest, considerable controversies, and criticisms even before its conduct. Millions of Nigerians and the international community are already skeptical that it will be free and fair.
18 2019: An interesting political year (I was in Nigeria to see things for myself)
I traveled to Nigeria, about three weeks ago, to experience, first hand, what Nigerians are going through, and to gauge their feelings or their situation prior to the upcoming elections. What I saw or experienced was worse than imagined.
19 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Our leaders need Godly wisdom (Part II) - Political benefits
How many world leaders do come to ASO Rock? Frankly speaking, prominent world leaders don't come because we can't give them anything. They don't come because our politicians and leaders are unwise, visionless and people of questionable character ... The...
20 2019: An interesting political year (In 2019, and in the years ahead, Nigerians must emancipate their own mentality before their political emancipation will follow)
The government that has spread hardship across in the land has been going around trying to buy people's votes.

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