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Opinion: Ndigbo on the verge of self-inflicted destructions HEADLINE | Posted: Friday, October 8, 2021 Ndigbo on the verge of self-inflicted destructions By Asikason Jonathan ARE you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?” Those memorable lines...
2 Why Obasanjo failed
Obasanjo’s resort to patching the wall, managing one crisis after another instead of tearing down the walls and rebuilding a nation has become his waterloo. His choice of actions, or inactions, is the style of cowards and men without vision.
3 Nigeriaworld -- Celebrating Nigeria at 50 at Harvard University: My trip to Boston
One of the events planned for the Harvard event was book signings by Diaspora Nigeria authors. That was the event that brought the Okonkwos, the Ekekes, the Akintides and the Uzokwes to the gathering. One thing struck me when two young Nigerians came over...
4 Nigeriaworld -- Attempts to neo-colonise Lagos: The bitter reality for the Yorubas
I am writing this piece as a Yorubaman who feels threatened and besieged by the foreigners in my papa's land, Lagos and other parts of Yorubaland. I am not making any pretences to be a Nigerian, because there is nothing like Nigeria except in our...
5 Nigeriaworld -- Aba ''Riots'' or Revolution? A rejoinder to ''The Return of Our Mothers''
Characterising that incident at Aba as ''riots'' is a denigration of bravery, determination and courage of our great grand mothers by the greedy white man. It was a struggle for self-determination. It was to foil the foisting of economic slavery. It was a...
6 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Jaja and I: Pondering the complexities of life and death
Now the ultimate question is this; can the revolutionary Upstart Quo wrest control of the determinants of our destiny from the Status Quo? Can we make our natural state life as opposed to anti-life? Can we brave the daunting odds against our convictions...
7 Nigeriaworld -- Reminiscences (II) - The gathering of the storm clouds
In 1966, Ndigbo saw themselves as lamb to the slaughter in northern Nigeria. No doubt the northerners saw the Federal Government of Aguiyi Ironsi as an Igbo government unable to prosecute those who murdered their leaders.
8 Nigeriaworld -- Obasanjo's avoidable shame
They say Obasanjo is angry about talks of secession and talks of a Biafra Embassy in Washington DC. Well he can be as angry as he wants to be. Does he know how many people are angry at his disservice as Nigeria's president...?
9 Nigeriaworld Letters & Viewpoints (Ratcheting up the Rhetoric of Rebellion)
For me the call for secession in Nigeria has remained a viable pastime for the Igbo because of people like Dupe Adelaja and Olusegun Obasanjo. It is such people who are hopelessly arrogant and not gifted with any political wisdom who encourage the Igbo to...
10 Nigeriaworld Letters & Viewpoints (The Center and the Margins: Theorizing Nigeria's Complex 'Borders')
In Nigeria, states and local governments are often created (mid-wived by the formidable leadership from the northern oligarchy) to ensure the thrust of divisive knife into the cherished linguistic and cultural kinship that fuse the people, especially the...

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