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151 Nigeriaworld -- 2003: Early Harvest of Phony Presidential Excitements
Ekwueme and Fawehinmi are the two people who could outclass Obasanjo in every way conceivable. But if they are not going to run... the best possible option for the unity and welfare of Nigeria is of course a popular endorsement and re-election of the...
152 Nigeriaworld -- War with Al Qaeda and Saddam: A clash of civilizations?
Islamic civilization of the contemporary era seems better represented by the western-oriented cultural revolutions in Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, etc., rather than the...
153 Nigeriaworld -- Nigeria, a nuclear power? Heavens forbid!
Are Nigerian officials telling the world that the attribution of the nuclear promise statement to the Pakistani general resulted from the striking of the improper key of a keyboard or from mechanical failure? Everyone can see how childish and irresponsible...
154 Nigeriaworld -- East-North Peace Forum: Here they go again!
But it is wonderful that the North did come back again to seek the hands of its long abandoned traditional bride, the East. After its botched brief marriage with the only Yoruba man it thought it could manage as a bride, the North decided to reach out and...
155 Nigeriaworld -- Drumbeat for Iraq War and its risky assumptions
At face value, democracy seems to go contrary to a theocratic vision of mainstream Islamic concept of political authority. In fact the whole theory of a secular republic is terribly difficult for most Muslims to appreciate.
156 Nigeriaworld -- Africa's woes: Genuine concern and hollow solutions
After raping and pillaging Africa for several centuries through slavery, colonialism, invasions, wicked racism, unjustifiable socio- economic activities, etc., western countries appeared to have at a certain time in the late 19th and early 20th centuries...
157 Nigeriaworld -- Two democracy hard-learners in Nigeria
Nigeria's experimental democracy is providing political science students all over the world a case study for the trials and travails of a young democracy. Why is the president not benefiting from the great education the Nigerian democracy is providing to...
158 Nigeriaworld -- Prof. Soyinka, I beg your pardon Sir!
To stop violence on university campuses in Nigeria, do it the American way: recruit a battalion of armed campus police, install metal detectors and frisk everybody that comes anywhere near a university facility. Where a fraternity becomes violent, instruct...
159 Nigeriaworld -- Osama bin Laden on Nigeria: An ominous absence of outrage!
This advocacy group [MURIC] could perfectly fit into the chains of bin Laden-sponsored charities. While defending Adegbite and advocating for Nigerian Islam they could be receiving their sponsorship from dubious foreign networks. Bin Laden is usually...
160 Nigeriaworld -- Shocker! Obasanjo established Sharia in Nigeria
The scene of Obasanjo's Sharia confessions struck me like a meteorite from the high blue skies. In fact I began immediately to second-guess my senses. Was I hearing Mr. President correctly? Does the president of Nigeria know what he is talking about? Is he...

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