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Ihenacho’s Home Truths NIGERIAWORLD COLUMNIST Recent Articles African Christianity Rises, Volume One African Christianity Rises, Volume Two Justice of the Jungle The Community of Eternal Life: A Study David Asonye Ihenacho hails from Imo State of...
2 Nigeriaworld Letters & Viewpoints (Obasanjo’s shameful presidential dance)
Obasanjo started to dance quite early. Rather than dance in Aso Rock chapel, he should kneel down and pray to God, because if any iota of these allegations against his administration can be shown to have any reasonable grounds, darker days await him in...
3 Nigeriaworld -- Fundamentalism and Global Armageddon
Unfortunately for the new millennium, these large gatherings of fanatics and fundamentalists cannot talk and cannot dialogue. They know only how to prepare for an end-time Armageddon and a worldwide Jihad. And this is absolutely dangerous. A clash is...
4 NigeriaWorld Letters & Viewpoints (A Picture Worth A Million Ironies)
The Comet newspaper of May 5, 2000, displayed on its front page a photograph which spoke volumes of ironies about the tragic history of our Nigerian nation. It was a glazy imperial picture of all our living ex-dictators and presidents revelling in their...
5 NigeriaWorld Letters & Viewpoints (Nigeria On the Wheels Again?)
All credits go to the Obasanjo democratic leadership. And as if in a state of bilocation the President was almost simultaneously holding another meeting with the leadership of the legislature. Once again he delivered. He immediately struck a compromise...
6 NigeriaWorld Letters & Viewpoints (The evolution of a new opposition)
What on earth happened in the National Assembly Complex on Wednesday, April 26? Were we in a dream or what? Who actually crafted the drama that played itself out in the two chambers of our legislative House on that very day? Was that performance for real...
7 NigeriaWorld Letters & Viewpoints (Obasanjo: The Messianic Leader of Nigeria?)
I am sure once the president shows the gut of being a respecter of nobody in the fight against corruption, the Nigerian media will immediately pick up the baton and make the fight a whole lot easier and interesting. And if Obasanjo is able to mobilize a...
8 NigeriaWorld Letters & Viewpoints (Impeachable Issues At Last?)
On the allegation of scam levelled against the Senate President, the appropriate senate committee should look carefully into it. If there is any evidence that the allegation might be true, then the entire senate should be informed and the senate president...
9 Nigeriaworld Letters & Viewpoints (Sharia: A Legitimization of Biafra?)
Who wants to be like Somalia and Sudan? Yet all these are bound to be the fate of Nigeria unless we act fast to kill Sharia in Nigeria, or at least divide the country so that those who want to live by and with Sharia can choose their own countries.
10 Nigeriaworld Letters & Viewpoints (The Right Honorable and the Dishonorable)
Okadigbo’s purported congratulatory message to the new Senate President, Chief Pius Anyim riled my attention and cost my face another dreaded scowl. I asked myself; does this Okadigbo man not have the capacity of shame and humility? ...What gives him the...
11 NigeriaWorld Letters & Viewpoints (Rationalizing Nzeribe's impeachment hoax)
To compound Nzeribe's woes for thinking the unthinkable in the present Nigeria, the executive arm of our government under the intended victim of the impeachment efforts, President Obasanjo, exhibiting a military-like thin skin, immediately marshalled out...
12 NigeriaWorld Letters & Viewpoints (Nd'Igbo and their entrapment in Nigeria)
It is arguably this Igbo love for freedom and independence and their abhorence for imposed strange authority which later on inspired the struggle for Nigeria's independence. The fact is that no other ethnic group felt the meddlesomeness of British...
13 NigeriaWorld Letters & Viewpoints (Biafran Army Officers' Pardon: One Little Step for Nigeria, A Giant One for Obasanjo)
But contrary to what President Obasanjo might have thought and hoped for, it was not the controversial Democracy Day declaration that was destined to salvage the day and perhaps the past one year for him. Rather it was the surprise he pulled on the world,...
14 Nigeriaworld Letters & Viewpoints (Obasanjo’s ignorant good intentions)
But suppose Obasanjo were to back up his good intentions with some modicum of courage and sagacity, how will he start his noble task of trying to restore and revamp Nigeria? First, he will confront the Sharia nonsense head-on. After decimating Sharia,...
15 Nigeriaworld Letters & Viewpoints (North Rumbles as South Gropes)
Something very traumatic is taking place in the northern part of Nigeria these days. It does not take a rocket scientist to recognize that the almighty North is shaken and rumbling. The North is gradually realizing that though things have not completely...

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