Sunday, June 4, 2023
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New York, USA

f all the appointments that BAT is constitutionally empowered to make as Nigeria's 16th democratically elected president, the one solemnly declaring Sen. George Akume as Secretary to the Government of the Federation ( SGF ) is bound to remain the most universally hailed. It is by far the one whose enduring symbolism best approximates the APC's HOPE 23 campaign mantra of renewed Hope of a better and improved life for the average Nigerian.

The appointment should also be seen as the fulfillment of the Tinubu/ Shetimma electoral pledge which harped that their joint ticket was one of inclusiveness, competence and good governance to all and sundry. Together, these tenets do constitute a potent embodiment of Nigeria's unity in diversity. It is worth reminding that the pledge is an article of faith that has democratic resonance and appeal as amply demonstrated in the outcome of the last general elections. Senator Akume himself did play a central role as national APC leader in helping engineer the resounding victories of the APC, both nationally and locally in his home state of Benue where a hopelessly regressive and destructive PDP government held sway.

Today is Senator Akume's meeting with destiny at a different level of significance. It does conjure up the adage that one's destiny may be delayed but never denied. This invariably thrusts awesome historical responsibilities on the steel shoulders of the laurelled.

For the first time in Nigeria's chequered history, the appointment of a SGF is imbued with special and trying challenges, one of which is playing a pivotal political role in helping rally together the disparate but equal peoples of Nigeria in a context of insecurity and apparent disunity by, in statesmanlike fashion, helping steer the ship of state to greater stability and peace, sine qua non for sustainable development.

Historically, Akume's provenance - the demographic cum-geographical mosaic called the Middle Belt -, has played key roles in the peace and stability of the country. With his new appointment as SGF, it can rightly be said that it is as if we're once more invoking our collective memory as a diverse people in order to rekindle the embers of national unity. The task is daunting even as the rewards are inestimable.

In the patriotic service of the fatherland, may the Almighty grant our level-headed leader, Senator Akume Dajoh, good health as well as the continued wisdom and integrity to discharge his new national assignment competently and in the spirit of equity, justice and fairness, IJMN. Amen.