Sunday, January 15, 2023
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Port Harcourt, Nigeria

here, diaspora Nigerians on the last leg of their flight back home, and minutes before landing at MMA feel like the loo, only because they remember the retinue of aggressive, intimidating bribe - seeking security agents that will soon comprise their first welcome party into Nigeria.

  • Where, diaspora Nigerians would return and remain in hotels, for fear of being kidnapped (and most times losing their lives), by fortune seekers; a venture many Nigerians are turning to, because of the hunger in the Land. Pay no heed to the disgraceful lies from the paid minstrels of Aso Rock.

  • Where, diaspora Nigerians dream of a day they would make enough money - which drives many into criminal activities - that would enable them return to Nigeria as politicians, and steal, steal and steal from the public treasury 'no questions asked'. After which they repatriate the looted funds abroad and show their former neighbors just how easy it is to make money!

  • Where corrupt diaspora Nigerians return home to "steal and loot" the public treasury, if they were unable to engage abroad in credit card fraud.

  • Where the Complainant of a criminal infraction on their rights, does not visit a Nigerian Police Station, with a knotted bowel because of fear that very soon the suspect he he/she had come to the Police for protection from would very be very soon his benefactor for graciously allowing him to be bailed from Police custody; in the peculiar Nigerian 'styyleh' of "Complainant don turn to accuse".

  • Where a Nigerian citizen would have to pay Government less than N50,000, as official fees to procure a Nigerian passport (a disadvantage to it's carrier because, the default starting point for most international immigration and Custom authorities is to view the Nigerian passport with suspicion (and I mean not to justify such simplistic and lazy methods crime prevention or immigration control either); but pay Nigerian immigration officials hundreds of thousands, in order to finally procure the document; and very tough luck if there are rectifications to be effected in the document. And therefore, why won't embassies and their officials contribute to their nation's GDPs through us; and yet disdain us.

    Where Policemen view getting drunk, literally speaking, while on duty; as part of the most legitimate and effective skills required for efficacious law enforcement duties.

  • Where uncouth, ill-trained/ill-equipped Policemen who pull the trigger on defenceless civilians (including pregnant women and children); are not quietly retired without prosecution because: "na devil do am"; or "as the man and "sebi, im pipule don beg una; make una forgive am now…", "the man children still dey small…", "even, im wife no dey do anything…, "dey say dem go pay for coffin…", etc

  • Not, where a scraggily unkenpt lookin youth driving a flashy car imported from Europe or America in a fraudulent thieving deal, who ran the lights, and into a law abiding driver; alights from his car and arrogantly begins to call the Police C.P; or the Military Commander in the Zone or within that vicinity, who are evidently on his pay roll, to come out to him to harass and intimidate the other hapless driver.

  • Not, where after a road accident, the question is not who was wrong or right by virtue extant traffic rules; rather, both drivers alight from their vehicles and engage in a shouting altercation in which the following most favored refrains feature prominently: "Do you know who you are talking to?", "Do you know me?", "Who are you?"

  • Where there is palpable aggression and anger pervading the environment; and where everyone seem to be angry with everyone, and with themselves, for no reason.

  • Where patients and their relatives would not have to bribe nurses to get a bed for their sick relatives, again including pregnant mothers and children.

  • Where judges, magistrates, even bank officials do not have to be bribed to render their public or private duties/services.

  • Where the Military would see civilians donning the military camouflage as a sign of love, respect and solidarity; and thus, would not hound and in many instances, strip them naked (including ladies), in order to stop criminal gangs who use it for their heinous activities (gangs who, by the way, are sometimes supplied munitions by army and police personnel).

    The list goes on endlessly, of the stuff that happens in our geographical space alone; Please, let's not argue about how there is corruption everywhere else. Thank God, we now accept the truth. We are now able to attest to the impunity associated with our own corruption as a peculiarity. Or, where else in the world does a security personnel (i.e. the Police) release a volley of bullets into a bona fide citizen for refusing to pay a bribe, or 'corporate' or 'roger', as they call it! The point is that there is no fence to sit on at the moment, for 2023 Nigeria. You either thrive in and love the above bestial and unnatural culture of impunity, and would welcome its extension, rather than it's cessation; or you don't. Period

    But, If you truly hate and despise the above peculiar Nigerian traits; you must through your PVC/prayers/campaigns; (if you are within Nigeria); or through your prayers and campaigns (if abroad) register your presence by boldly declaring; "Away with the thieves, we've had enough."

    Stop pretending. If money changed hands (to you or to a loved one that could influence, and who did influence you; before your support for any candidate began or grew; there is something wrong.

    For how long will you be satisfied with Esau's pottage. And thereby elongate by another eight years the suffering of Nigerians. If you are abroad; look carefully around you. If you like what you see; ask yourself if what you see came about by creating godfathers and demigods from humans. And if you say, you serve the living and true God; be careful who you support or speak up for as the next President of Nigeria. God is known as Father of the oppressed and afflicted, including those poor hapless Nigerians you pretend don't exist. Simply because when you change a hundred Euro or dollar Bill into Naira; you are able to command the worship of your entire village! God help us.

    For just this once, put a smile on the faces of these departed fighters, who although, were able to eat bread and drink water comfortably in their homes, decided to resist injustice for you and me; think about: Messrs. Tai Solarin; Gani Fawehinmi, Bola Ige; the Sage, J.O. Awolowo, Pa Adesanya, the brave Emeka Ojukwu, Prof. Chinua Achebe; Dele Giwa, L. K. Jakande; Masses President, Aminu Kano; Dee Sam Mbakwe; Pius Adesanmi, Kaduna Nzeogwu and other patriots of the first 1966 Coup; and many others (especially the not too famous) that have died trying to enthrone God fearing leadership, justice and truth in Nigeria, etc.,

    Please, for their sakes, and the sakes of our existing and unborn children; Vote, Pray, Campaign; that God helps us enthrone Mr. Peter Obi this February 2023. And after him, let us in like manner seek out another man or woman of similar calibre amongst the minorities of the middle-belt to continue from there, God on our side; and He can help us if we desist from mixing His holy name with the profane. About time we stop the hypocrisy! We shall all too soon leave this plane to face Him (the righteous judge).

    Be careful! Why should we suffer extra tribulation (more than other Nations) before the Second Coming. Do right for once! "Shuo, Abi na curse?"

    NB: If we reject the above goodly counsel, there would be greater and insuperable tribulation for all Nigerians (home or abroad), in the next decade; Neither will be insulated. And that is not a threat. It is a promise. A promise based on the verifiable factuality of our over sixty decades of nationhood. God help us. "Kai! we no dey shame?" God help us!!