Sunday, September 18, 2022
Arizona, USA

Neocolonialism has eaten deeper into the mental palace and consciousness of Africans." -Yahaya Balogun

"Grieve is the price we pay for love." -Late Queen Elizabeth

eople with insufficient or poor emotional intelligence struggle to restrain, comprehend important issues; understand themselves, and constructively express their emotions without hurting other people's emotions. No matter how educated some people might be, education doesn't usually determine how they react to unusual situations. Low emotional intelligence people would react negatively because they are bitter, sore, sour, and heartbreaking, and they cannot immediately understand what triggers their existential feelings. People with low emotional intelligence have constant and uncontrollable emotional outbursts.

Meanwhile, let not your low emotional intelligence becloud or control your brilliance, values, sense of morality, and decency. When you see a society or a group of individuals who cannot use its past to shape the present and future, that society is doomed and consigned to the damnation of moments in human history. While Africa is suffering from chronic contradictions and bitterness of the past, the remonstration of the quintessential Queen of England is not the solution to African heinous experiences with slavery, colonialism, and neocolonialism. Neocolonialism is eviler than colonialism. Neocolonialism has eaten deeper into the mental palace and consciousness of Africans." Africa must disentangle its citizens who have perfected the mental colonization of their citizens via religion and politics.

Furthermore, according to one of the credible records available, The American Revolution—also called the U.S. War of Independence—was the insurrection fought between 1775 and 1783 through which 13 of Great Britain's North American colonies threw off British rule to establish the sovereign United States of America, founded with the Declaration of Independence in 1776." America has never dwelled on its former colony or colonial masters; rather, it has used colonialism to oil its independence from Britain. Africa is still trading blames for colonialism and neocolonialism.

Without any equivocation, education is a beautiful way to infatuate an insatiable mind hungry for knowledge. This naughty professor uses her naughty brain to mess up our collective brains. How many of us remember the Covid-19 induced-brain Houston "Medical Doctor?" Covidiot Stella Emmanuel whose identity as a citizen of an African nation was shrouded in mystery? An individual I love to call "medipsychoreligious doctor" to the former guy of the United States.

How does an inquisitor explain a beautiful woman originating from a wasteland to a useful land and desecrate our collective values because of the inhumane actions of anglo-brutish slave masters and colonialists? Where does the fault of the quintessential Queen, world ultra-unifier, and modern uniter Mama Elizabeth come from to be compensated for the egregious wishes of an aggrieved and boozed professor?

The naughty Professor has her freedom of speech but she is a celebrated and intellectual embarrassment to the universal body of knowledge. With my (un)acknowledged and her infatuating brain, the irritant professor messed us with her fecund brain and oozed our mouths with salted insults, and assaulted our intellectual innocence in the diaspora. She garnished our wetted mouths to activate our intellectual salivation.

As Nigerians, the naughty but beautiful Professor should have allowed us to celebrate her intellectual prowess and acuity from that ivory tower instead of putting us--the inquisitors into an international and intellectual embarrassment.

The beautiful-brainy lesbian Professor failed to let us be proudly wine and beer with her fecundity of mind; a terrible but supposed quintessential mind used royal insults to embarrassingly lodge a grievance of immemorial periods.