Thursday, September 15, 2022


ehold the thoughts of many
The mood of lying in state
Though, the care of the dead
But the responsibility of the living

A lot is spent
To decorate the bed, the house
Coffins and video transmissions
In the invitation of all and sundry

To witness the elaborate preparations
Instead of the last respect
To judge and be judged
To spend and be wined and dined

To recognise and be recognised
To mourn and be mourned
But it is the vanity of vanities

What do the dead get out of it
Especially from those who did not appreciate him
Those who never respected him while he was alive
Those who contributed to his demise

Those who lament opportunity costs at his funeral
Those who fear contagion in the process
Let the dead bury the dead
However they may murmur

Though it is as mysterious as death itself
How, when and where it will be
One does not know, but it is certain

Some lie in their state in the water
In the company of fish and sea creatures
Casualties of war in different areas
Witnessed by vultures and scavengers

Smoked criminals lie roasted
With vultures paying their last respects
Accident victims occupy the roadside
They pray for recognition and removal

Victims of the fire disaster
Return directly to the ashes
Escape countless gazes
Into the public eye and put on display

Endless lines of cars and stops
Such a journey of travels
Once made, becomes a corpse

Lying in state makes
Corpses into admiring objects for children
Shows the beauty that the remains never had
Contributes to health hazards
Delays the final journey to Mother Earth.