Monday, September 5, 2022
Arizona, USA

inka TNT's heart and brain are filled with wisdom and kindness. Yinka TNT is one of the daughters of y o?. She has been a cultural personage over and over again in her epic and archivable videos and social media presentations.

Honestly, I get emotionally charged, astonished, moved, and happy to feel how and where the amazing woman gets her wisdom from. She is too real! I think I get it: when your heart is pure, you're bound to do wonders beyond ordinary human imagination and understanding. Yinka TNT isn't an ordinary human. She's a prophet. She's real and on point, always.

In a nutshell, there are times when you put sentiments apart and you do things that clear your conscience for posterity. Undoubtedly, Sister Yinka TNT has written her name in the signage of our history for her social media programs with good and crucial messages. She has reconstructed many damaged homes with her rr Aiy nn gbyw--gb y w (human mysteries in marriages) program which opens our minds to everyday mysteries in homes. Sister Yinka makes us--her ardent followers and viewers understand the hypothesis of the hypocrisy of our world. Not everything that glitters is gold. Some dysfunctional homes are embellished by social media fantasies. She brings them to light in real-time.

History is undoubtedly going to remember sister YinkaTNT as one of the Yorb's daughters and amazons. Yinka TNT is one of our cultural ambassadors. YinkaTNT, in concert with Yorb's impeccable cultural heritage, is an impressive anthropological part of Nigerian multi-cultural beauties.

Mark it, historians in Yorbland will not forget Yinka TNT when a compendium of Yoruba history is written. My no-nonsense but practicable teacher is loved with all our hearts. She remains our referential point in the marital palace and trenches.

When you make people happy with "brutal" honesty, and say it plain with truth, you're not only building a better future for your life but the lives of others and humanity. Happy birthday to you, our LOVE and moral mentor who is beautiful inside and outside. May you celebrate many more years ahead in good health and happiness. Forty to Fifty million gbosas and salutes for a woman of substance.

Happy birthday, sister Yinka TNT.