Wednesday, October 26, 2022
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am overwhelmed
I noticed a cramp
A cramp in my head
All over me is confusing
It makes me get puzzled
on the direction to go.

The signal came to go Eastward
Another to go Northward
They came mingled as one
putting me in a dilemma
Do I question my existence?
I doubt not.

Even in my present state
I see the finger of God at work
directing me on where to focus
People get distracted thinking about me
Others wonder at what kind of a being I am
It is magical to behold.

I am a coat of many colours
In each of the colours,
there is a complete me
God designed me the way I am
to be a gift to humanity
and a citizen of the universe.

Looking at my legs
I noticed another cramp
The cramp is all over me
taking me to where I want to go
and to where I desire not to go
What can I do?

I stand in a fence to be or not to be
In my choice of career
I thought I could be very calculative
Again, I noticed a change in direction
I could take care of the sick
I could teach no matter those in the class.

All I know is that I have come
to make a difference
in the lives of people
All of these I would do
because I am a different specie
To worry about the cramp is irrelevant.