Sunday, October 23, 2022
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Arizona, USA

igeria is at the edge of inflection and imminently etching towards political disruption and self-Implosion. The current system is not sustainable, and cannot stand the true test of time. The Nigerian defective structure and system of governance need self-implosion and real trouble from within--the masses. Unfortunately, Nigerian masses are political enablers still struggling to identify their true identity.


Sadly, those who are bumping their heads against one another to support the significant candidacy of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Atiku Abubakar, and Peter Obi are again in the unwinnable trenches of uncertainty. They are in a fruitless war of attrition (i.e., "a prolonged war or period of conflict during which each side seeks to gradually wear out the other by a series of small-scale actions"). They will eventually be the losers. Ask this undeterred writer about his experience of the botched or aborted doctrine of Buharism.

In a nutshell, the Nigerian system is a constructed structure initially built for failure by Lord Lugard, and to the advantage of the self-proclaimed born-to-rule. Do not forget that this writer is an incurable optimist. Still, his optimism is premised on the plethora of Nigerian human and natural resources wasting away in the forest of a wasteland. The leadership and followership in Nigeria are culpable for the woes of Nigeria.

Meanwhile, we must show unreserved empathy for those still genuinely fighting for Nigerians to liberate a sociopolitical and economically castrated Nigeria from Nigerians. When I listened to the recent ChannelTV interview with Omoyele Sowore, which he sent me a few days ago, I cried for Nigeria. Sowore is an astute individual who metamorphosed from national student activism to rebel journalism and now political activism. Nevertheless, it is cautiously instructive to note a nation that under-appreciates its genuine activists genuinely fighting for the deliberately confused masses--masses who behaviorally and mouthly always fight those who fight for them. The contradictions and confusion are concerning and palpable.

In reality, fighting for Nigerians is like digging your own grave. Valiant will become the object of ridicule in the morbidly existent mind or the forest of the graveyards of those he fights to liberate masses from the shackles of their oppressors. In the eyes of unappreciative Nigerians, the valiant will become the vanquished, while their oppressors will become the celebrated heroes and heroines. Fighting to liberate a complicit people in a nation's woes is like fighting cobwebs of hypocrisy and deceit; you will never win or be appreciated. The pertinent question is: how many Nigerians remember the heroic struggles of the following late and deceased genuine fighters?

Chief Gani Fawehinmi

Dr.Tai Solarin

Chief Bola Ige

Ken Saro-Wiwa, and Ogoni Nine

Chief MKO Abiola and wife Kudirat Abiola.

Papa Alfred Ruwane

Papa Abraham Adesanya, etc.

Honestly, do Nigerian enablers, hypocrites, and their political oppressors worth fighting for? Do your blood and mine blood worth wasting for their sense of immediacy, selfishness, and collective political amnesia? Your pertinent questions and apparent answers are as good as mine.

Sadly, the Machiavellian rulers in Nigeria knew the psychological needs of the ruled masses. The collective weapons the oligarchs need are the masses themselves to achieve their political goals. Machiavellian leaders use the people's blissful ignorance to pitch them against themselves. In the end, the ignorant and pauperized masses are the losers; and the gainers are the Machiavellian oppressors who reconcile their political differences after their selfish political battle. So what are the fuss-making foes of age-long friends for the political advantages of the politically opportunistic politicians? The time seemingly unripened for change in Nigeria. The supporters of these politicians must activate their senses; discern from the plethora of confusion and uncertainties in the homeland or wasteland.