Monday, October 17, 2022
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or you, my son
I ask you to sit and watch my smile
Take these words of mine to heart
Listen attentively to my instructions
From the realm of wisdom, you can learn the secret of life.

To a superficial mind, my words may sound meaningless
Only the wise can learn from the old
Wisdom flows like a silent thief
The smile of an old woman is similar to that of a baby, but with a difference.

Open your heart and your mind
Allow it to see the smile of an old woman's smile
Old age is all about numbers and digits
It is the prayer on everyone's lips to be old
A smile without pretence is a testimony to a life well lived.

Like the day of Jesus presented to old Simeon in the temple
A true smile reveals the secrets of the heart
The fulfilment of a promise made thousands of years ago
When a smile is profound
The face radiates the joy of life.

Age is a blessing
It is not a curse to be more experienced
With years of experience
The old sit with their hands on their jaws and think back to the past
It's not easy to bear a smile.

Sometimes you see a smile on an old woman's face
When you approach her, pages open up
Pages of experience that bring tears to her eyes
You wonder why the smile has turned to tears
And she begins with stories of sorrow that could have been averted, of pains that would have been better forgotten, of experiences and lessons learned in life.

With her wrinkled face and her shrunken body
You wonder how this could be the beauty queen of old
The next time you see an old woman in despair
Remember that she represents you
This old woman is a description of a world of experience.