Tuesday, October 11, 2022
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Arizona, USA

oyfully, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie makes us proud! She has done it again and again. CNA is one of our cultural icons and a great ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria! Chimamanda shines again at Harvard University, Massachusetts, in the United States of America as a notable and extraordinaire Nigerian novelist. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie received the W.E.B Du Bois Medal on Thursday, 06, 2022. The colorful and proud event was attended by the Labor Party's 2023 presidential candidate Peter Obi and other eminent Nigerians.

Adichie is a sine qua non, and one of the best of us in Nigeria and Africa. Adichie's story is told beautifully in different forms by the world. From the United States of America to Germany, from the United Kingdom to France, and other countries in the world, this master storyteller and the quintessential author has put Nigeria glowingly on the world map.

Unequivocally, the Nigerian literati and good-hearted Africans must celebrate this amazing Amazon. We must not allow the usual deafening silence on her previous prestigious achievements by jealous Nigerians to go uncelebrated. Ironically, when we fail out of chronic envy to celebrate our human capital resources, the world celebrates them with gusto and to the world's admiration. Meanwhile, Chimamanda's accomplishments among the committee and comity of global literati are also loud and undeniable. Predictably, this young, intelligent literatus is on her way to winning the prestigious Nobel Prize in Literature in the nearest future. She is now eminently qualified.

CAN is a boisterous Nigerian with numerous awards in her rich library. She received an honorary Doctor of Letters degree from Yale University during the 2019 commencement ceremony. She delivered the Class Day address the day before, becoming the first African-American to receive an honorary degree that year.

Why do we not celebrate the good ones among us? Why don't people rejoice with our collective achievements domestically and on the world stage? These are damning questions begging for honest answers! Adichie is one of the representations of Nigeria's glory.

Meanwhile, Adichie is flourishing exceptionally in America and European exceptionalism, lands of abundant opportunities and prosperity! The most glowing part of Adichie's story is her referential of Nigeria in all her presentations and expositions. She is a true patriot. Adichie has comprehensive knowledge of literature and a unique style in preserving Professor Chinua Achebe's literary storytelling encyclopedia.

Unfortunately, some of our people stereotype Adichie for her beliefs in feminism and controversial academic presentations. Some Nigerians frown at her feminist postures, but their inability to understand her multicultural intelligence and literary know-how is not surprising but bewildering!

Adichie beautifies one of the human capital endowments we have in Nigeria. It is unfathomable to see how unwilling Nigerian leadership exports its best human resources (brains) to a willing world that utilizes them for its benefit.

Nigeria is a reservoir of raw and untapped knowledge. Unfortunately, some of these natural talents are wasting away in the homeland—also known sadly as the hinterland. The processed brains and other knowledgeable people residing in Nigeria are being abused and bastardized daily by the hostile environment, jealousy, and selfish motives.

Consequently, time heals! I hope time heals our people's self-hate, self-destruct, and deliberate ignorance. There should be no burden in being critical about something or someone. But when you morph low to hate someone making progress because of her opinions on pertinent issues, you will need to make a critical visit to a psychologist for moral therapy and decency.

Interestingly, while Adichie's self-made spiral and talent are soaring high in academia and the international arena, her presenters are flying deep in low-life of jealousy and confusion. Nigeria is a nation with abundant human capital. We are the number one exporter of human resources to the global world. Therefore, whenever I see Nigerians achieving a remarkable feat in a competitive global world, my adrenaline rush for our greatness goes beyond imagination and satisfaction. She is one of our cultural icons and ambassador extraordinaire! Amanda is an icon of inspiration to many budding authors in Africa.

Let's cling to our glasses of wine and celebrate Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's brilliance, great literary talent, and achievements.

Congratulations to Amazon Adichie.