Tuesday, October 11, 2022
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h yes, I am so excited All I need now is a cool drink to quench my thirst
I can not kill myself to appease the powers that be
In general, men are incomplete without wisdom.

I am not alone in a time like this
Happiness is a great good I have offered myself
Even if you break me to pieces
I will remain unharmed.

I have decided to be strong like a grain of sand
You can grind me to sand or gravel
I will still not let you rob me of my inner peace.
I possess the strength of stone.

Drops of tears may wander through my eyes
Yet, I am an indivisible grain of sand
I have a heart of flesh
Everything about me is not changeable.

I am like a grain of sand
My presence is like an empty room in your mouth
No matter how delicious your food is
My tiny presence brings an unexpected change.

Like me or hate me, you cannot change my world
Sometimes I prefer to remain unrecognised
My soul is as open as a grain of sand
Treat me with care, or you will have to cry.