Tuesday, November 15, 2022
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Arizona, USA

urrently, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Peter Obi, and Alhaji Atiku Abubakar are rueful political buffers between Nigerian Oligarchs and poor plebeians in Nigerian polity! With a particular reference, is Peter Obi indeed an agent of the fifth columnist or third eye in the jiggery-pokery of Nigerian politics? This writer isn't a soothsayer or prophet, but his assertive question is based on the deceitful and hysteric political history of Nigeria. This writer also bases most of his predictive articles in recent years on the repetitive and quickly predicting nature of Nigerian polity. There won't be Uhuru or political eldorado or victory for Nigerians in 2023 and beyond if we continue with our current culture of politicking in Nigeria.

Unequivocally, Peter Obi's noise-making pseudo-drive is going nowhere near the palatial Aso Rock in 2023. Alhaji Atiku Abubakar's recent razzmatazz pilgrimage to the USA and political scheming, and Peter Obi's political machinations are not matching the carefully crafted political strategy of self-assured "Emilokan" Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The "Obidients," "Batists," and inarticulate "Atikulates" are clownish followers who have failed to understand the age-long arranged and rooted politics of Nigeria. Obi, Tinubu, and Atiku belong to a gang of political clouts of yesteryears. They're expedient friends in the political fraternity of Nigeria. While the adherent voters of these political players fight amongst themselves (on social media and ignorant trenches or grounds), these "political gangsters" are always best of friends in the end in the forest of more than a thousand political bandits and demons.

Sadly, PVCs or no PVCs, the political trios already know who will be crowned the next President of the mere Nigerian republic in 2023. In the future, BAT, PO, and AAA will eventually come together to celebrate the defeat of their unsuspecting or deliberately ignorant followers. Unfortunately, the Batists, Obidients, and Atikulates will join the political triads to dance ignorantly to the celebration of their own future political defeat.

In reality, Nigerian leaders play politics of expediency, and their followers are rueful political jokers. 2023 will not be a defining moment in the politicking of all Nigerians but a make, marred, or still, year for the unity of Nigeria. Nigeria is currently a nation sitting with K-legs and distorted tripod stands. The shaky structure of Nigeria will not stand the test of time if BAT, or whoever comes as the "interim" (f-d-h) government, refuses, like Buhari, to constitute a genuine Sovereign National Conference--SNC to address our unity in the current disunity and contention.

Meanwhile, BAT's impending administration will "fail" like the current Buhari regime if we ignore our rooted blistering wounds to treat festering tribal and sociopolitical scars---scars that will never be smoothened unless "plastic" political surgery is done to redefine or redesign the defective structure called Nigeria. In the true sense of realism, "There was (never) a Country;" what we have has always been a "mere geographical expression" with false inter-collusion in Nigerian constituted falsity. The Brutish British falsified our unity, but we failed as a liberated people to authenticate the error of our collective agreement as formed in 1914. For decades, we kept or continued postponing a truly national conversation. I suspect Tinubu will sincerely try to trigger a genuine national conversation, but the pertinent question: will the confused and seemingly perfidy nation allow the honest national conference? A million-dollar question!

With political permutation, whether Obidients or Atikulates like it or not, BAT, apart from the hypothesis of "Emilokan," is (dis)approvingly favored winning the Nigerian presidency in the 2023 political arrangement in Nigeria. BAT is cautiously confident and strategic in his studded campaign. Only a deep political thinker can discern the minds and body language of the three political players jostling for the Nigerian presidency in 2023. They are all fated to accept a fateful day ahead of them. The political fraternity and cult-like Nigerian political case are seemingly settled among the current players and Nigerian oligarchs.

Arms akimbo, or folded, and fingers crossed.