Tuesday, November 15, 2022
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Moslem-Moslem presidency is unsafe, Nigeria needs to be salvaged to remain a Secular Country

oliticians of various parties are currently criss-crossing different parts of our country, making promises and trying to say what each audience would like to hear. Irrespective of such promises, there is no escaping the fact that what is desirable for every Nigerian should be a country in which they are safe and free. A country in which they can live, and go about their legitimate business and pleasures without fear of being kidnapped or killed, and indeed, without falling victims of the fate they dread.

Such an aspiration is an illusion now, and has been in the recent past, for many Nigerians, particularly, the Christians who are being hounded and killed as reported and analysed in this article.

This writer challenges our politicians to come to grips with the facts presented here and address them. It is unhelpful, and indeed, bothers on deceit, to refuse to solve the problems that we are facing now, and make promises of wonderful peace and prosperity when we are being killed and live in insecurity which the present government has failed to eliminate. This and similar reports underscore the failure in the fundamental responsibility of a government to guarantee and provide security and peace for all its citizens. The challenge is for the present killings and kidnappings to be stopped and eliminated now from our country if any word of the promises of the politicians should be taken seriously.

The Killings continue: Over 90 Killed in Nigerian Catholic Dioceses as Attacks Hit Record High in October 2022

Over 90 people were killed in areas served by the Catholic Dioceses of Makurdi and Katsina Ala in October as armed Fulani herdsmen continue to wreak havoc in Nigeria's Benue State. It was stated that in the earlier month, September, 29 people were reportedly killed in Islamist attacks, the October figure is described as "a worrying record high".

Sharing the statistics, which also cover the first seven days of November, Bishop Wilfred Chikpa Anagbe of the Catholic Diocese of Makurdi expressed frustration that violence against Christians in Nigeria has continued unabated. He said: "I continue to ask your prayers for Nigeria. Like I remarked sometime in the past, how could a people be consistently subjected to these kinds of attacks without consequences?" Bishop Chikpa stated these in the Tuesday, November 8 report. He added: "Those of us who live with these killings know that the perpetrators of the genocidal attacks on us are connected in high places so they have been able to always get away with these atrocities."


It needs to be underlined that the Islamic herdsmen who carry out the killings do so and get away with them, which explains why the killings continue. The Bishop worries that "they are connected in high places." Does it not stand to reason that the killers are protected, covered and given a free hand to kill which is why they go unpunished. This underlines a fundamental failure of the government to protect Nigerians from their murderers who continue the killings every month. The Bishop and others are left to pick up the pieces and compare the intensities of the monthly atrocities!

Reference: "Over 90 Killed in Nigerian Catholic Dioceses as Attacks Hit Record High in October 2022" By Agnes Aineah, Makurdi, 09 November, 2022 / 11:20 am (ACI Africa). (Association of Catholics in Africa); https://www.aciafrica.org/

Over 4,000 Christians killed by terrorists in Nigeria since start of 2022: watchdog report.

Islamic jihadist groups in Nigeria are reportedly responsible for the killing of at least 4,000 Christians and abducting more than 2,300 other Christians in the first 10 months of this year alone, according to a report released by the International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law.

The Fulani herdsmen group and Islamic terror groups allied with it were responsible for 2,650 of the 4,020 Christian deaths between January and October, the Anambra-based group Intersociety stated in a report sent to The Christian Post.

Many have raised concerns about what they perceive as the government's inaction in holding terrorists accountable for the rising number of murders and kidnappings, which some groups warn have reached the level of genocide.

Reference: "Over 4,000 Christians killed by terrorists in Nigeria since start of 2022: watchdog report" By Anugrah Kumar, Christian Post Contributor, CP WORLD, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2022

A Country with forests infested with killers

It has to be acknowledged that other people are also killed, as incidentals but the killings of Christians reoccur in their dioceses where they are seen as targets to be eliminated. This should not be surprising when many our forests are infested with bandits and murderers. In the NigeriaWorld issue of Saturday, April 23, 2022, the following publication was featured:


Attention Military: Over 100 terrorists' hideouts identified in Nigeria, for your necessary action:

o Edo has 24 forests harbouring terrorists;

o Benue has 18 locations,

" Borno has 14;

" Niger has 11;

" Sokoto 10


The Perils of a Moslem-Moslem Presidency

These include the following:

" Continuation of the killings, and search to enforce homes for the forest-dwelling killers in each state: With the inexcusable failure of the current Presidency to protect Christians who are being frequently slaughtered, especially in the Benue, Plateau, and Kaduna States, and Nigerians in other states, it has been stated clearly that the killers live in forests, some of which have been listed in the foregoing paragraph. These killers are Islamic jihadists, herdsmen, who have reportedly been allowed into the country, and the current Presidency not only accepts them but also has been trying to find them home-lands or grazing pastures by government legislative fiat. A Moslem-Moslem presidency may continue in the same vein as the current Presidency to create homes for the herdsmen in ancestral land of Nigerians in the various states.

Are these Nigerians, if yes, where have they been all along that they now live in our forests when there is a Moslem President? As already observed, to accommodate them, the current Presidency seeks to get them live in every state. A Moslem-Moslem Presidency will encourage this movement as it has openly declared itself as a continuation of the current Presidency. This will certainly constitute an unacceptable imposition on peace-loving Nigerians.

" Nation-wide introduction of Sharia laws and Islamisation of the country: As already, reported in our earlier article, with the killings continuing in Nigeria and the killers in the various forests, the next actions in their ill-fated and doomed plan of eradicating Christianity in the country will be the introduction of Sharia laws throughout the country. This could foreshadow the closing down of churches and illegalisation of Christianity. Such legislations from the National Assembly could be easily effected with a Moslem-Moslem Presidency because the check and balances that should exist in a Moslem-Christian or Christian-Moslem Presidency will have been removed. Therefore, the Moslem-Moslem Presidency has the potential of becoming the genesis of the illegalisation of Christianity and the imposition of Islam in Nigeria. This is one of the reasons for all Christians to rise up and oppose the Moslem-Moslem Presidential ticket.

" The Warning of the Turkey experience: Turkey was a Christian country, the birthplace of Saul of Tarsus, who became St. Paul, the foremost Christian disciple and evangelist. Today, under 0.1 percent of Turkey's population is Christian. The collapse of Turkey's Christian communities is reportedly as a result of decades-long persecution that includes genocide, expulsions, pogroms, and official discrimination. Reference: "Protestant Christians in Turkey Exposed to Discrimination, Deportations, Hate Speech (providencemag.com). Uzay Bulut, May 16, 2022.

Therefore, this Turkey experience could be a timely warning to Nigerian Christians of the potential extermination they face because of a Moslem-Moslem Presidency. At this point in time, the Christians are facing the genocide and pogrom phase because of the inexcusable failure of the Federal Government to protect such Nigerian citizens.

Warning by the US and UK Governments

It was reported that the Governments of the United States and Britain on Sunday, October 23rd , warned of a possible terrorist attack in Abuja, especially aimed at government buildings, places of worship and schools, among other targets.

The U.S. Embassy in Nigeria warned that "there is an elevated risk of terror attacks in Nigeria, specifically Abuja" and added that shopping malls, law enforcement facilities and international organisations were among places at risk.

"The U.S. Embassy will offer reduced services until further notice," the embassy said in an alert to citizens in Nigeria.

The United Kingdom government warned that its citizens in Nigeria should stay alert due to an "increased threat of terrorist attack in Abuja."

Reference: https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/us-uk-warn-possible-attack-nigerias-capital-2022-10-23/

Comments: No amount of assurance by the Nigerian Government can allay the fears of Nigerians or get them to discountenance the warnings by the foreign governments as long as the killings of innocent Nigerians continue, and our forests remain infested by bandits and killers. Nigerians do not and cannot feel safe in their homes as long as killers and kidnappers are on the prowl.


The premise of this article has been to warn that a Moslem-Moslem Presidency will accentuate the following:

" Continuation of the killings of Christians

" Ongoing living in forests of the homeless Islamists bandits and herdsmen, and possibly forcibly decreeing grazing pastures and homes in all the states

" Introduction of Sharia laws throughout the country

" Illegalisation of Christianity and Islamisation of the country.

The Challenge: If these foregoing statements appear preposterous, what is beyond any arguments are that the killings are continuing. Please stop the killings. Also, remove the sources from where the killings emanate, these are their perpetrators who live in the forests. They are clearly homeless visitors because it is the practice that all Nigerians have their homes and do not live in forests. Remove the bandits from their forest-hideouts and make our country safe again. When these overdue security measures are implemented, then your promises can be believed and our fears and anxieties will be assuaged.

What this county needs is to remain a secular state. A Moslem-Moslem Presidency makes for an Islamic and not a secular state. Nigeria should be an egalitarian nation where no one is molested because of their religion or tribe, as envisaged by our founding fathers: " a country, where no one is oppressed."