Tuesday, November 15, 2022
[email protected]
Port Harcourt, Nigeria

his is a short piece rendered as a fitting response to former CBN Governor, and current CEO of Anambra State's surprising lack of decorum and unnecessary search for glory.

Mr. Charles Soludo sought a place of mention in the current travails and uncertain times that is Nigeria's current lot. Since this is a short piece; and not meant to take over the jobs for which Obi's spokes persons are normally remunerated for(and the man is stingy we are told; did you hear that, Mr. Soludo?); and being careful not to annoy or intimidate Mr. Soludo who also alleged that Mr. Obi has a frenzied "social Media mob" at his beck and call; who attacks and tear to pieces every perceived enemy of Mr. Obi. For these reasons and other private reasons; I address only three of Mr. Soludo's regrettable and irrelevant comments which purported to shed a new light on the man, Mr. Peter (stingy) Obi. I address the following:

1. That Mr. Obi is an unserious contender for Nigeria's Presidency in 2023, who knowing he would lose, was playing some mysterious games, that purportedly, only Soludo, Obi and perhaps some APGA party members, and God almighty knows. That sounds as infantile as Soludo's assertion that Mr. Obi has no structures with which to stand even a look-in chance of winning the election. But Mr. Soludo would not tell us the name of this game Mr. Obi is playing (So, what's the name of the game, Mr. Soludo? Or; are we supposed to hibernate to second-guess mode until election day, to discover that Mr. Soludo was merely playing peek-a-boo with us; or was that supposed to introduce uncertainty, indecision and ambivalence amongst the teeming deprived and suffering Nigerian youths who wants to "take back their country"?

2. That Mr. Peter Obi lacks the structures to win the election. As noted above, this is puerile nonsense and motor park chicanery. Addressed as a serious issue, however, we ought to be asking supporters of the old order like Soludo, whether you necessarily require physical structures to function in today's world. Thankfully, these characters tacitly agree that the social media has become a formidable and dreaded tool for mass mobilization towards a new Nigeria. Which they hypocritically pretend is intimidatory. Be it known, Mr. Soludo, that the pulverized and impoverished Nigerian populace (home and abroad) are Mr. Obi's structures.

3. And while we are at it; we want Mr. Soludo to know that we understand what he means by "structures", the kind that snatch ballot boxes or shoots from dusk to dawn of the election day, to keep citizens away from polling booths; or the ones that shares money to prospective voters queuing to cast their votes; or most probably, the ones that burned down INEC facilities recently. And it may not be totally coincidental that the first of this occurred in Soludo's Anambra. I tell you what memories this evokes for me: It reminds me of the PDP Jos Convention of 1994; in which Jim Nwobodo spoke in Hausa, all in a bid to checkmate Dr. Alex Ekwueme's presidential candidature. My simple advice is that those who sell out this easily are never trusted. That promise may never come to fruition, Mr. Soludo.

In conclusion, it must be stated that Mr. Soludo's two major aims in publishing his hatred for his"brother" were unachieved. He was unconvincing about his integrity and pure motives in the matter. For example, it was a ridiculous defense on his part that he did not envy Peter Obi because he had once or twice suggested he pursued his presidential ambitions via APGA. By the same token, it is conceivable that Mr. Soludo was peeved that his advice was rejected by Mr. Peter Obi. Lastly, Mr. Soludo would have us see him as a man of dignity devoid of the usual pettiness for which most Nigerian "big men" are known for. Me thinks he failed woefully in that regard also. The unrelenting criticism of Mr. Obi in the name of "friendly" and "brotherly" advice, for what even he attributes to "Obedient supporters on Social media, unmasked his real intentions.

According to the man, Mr. Obi should call them to order. But I must state that these are not an organized and identifiable lot. These constitutes the faceless mass of Nigerian youths (across the country; north to south, and east to west) that have been starved and imprisoned in their own country; a restless and growing band that house the pent-up fury of decades of deprivation and impoverishment; who were only barely restrained (from a bloody revolt) because of Mr. Peter Obi's sudden and providential appearance on the scene. No, Mr. Soludo, we will not believe you. We say to you and your fellow travelers, we want Mr. Peter Obi; we've had enough embarrassment at home and abroad. We will install Mr. Peter (stingy) Obi as Nigeria's President, come May 2023, our God helping us.