Saturday, May 7, 2022
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Being a medical doctor, I decided to pen this article and I do hope that it will greatly benefit the readers.

s a result of the spike of Covid19 globally at this time, I have decided to share these helpful tips to ensure that we would not overwhelm our parallel health facilities. I am sure that no one wants to go back to the kind of heavy lockdowns that we experienced over the last two years globally. On that note it is incumbent on us that we do what we can to mitigate against this current tide of the spread of covid19.

Managing COVID19 At Home

Here are some things you can do at home if you are diagnosed with COVID19 or if you suspect that you have the disease.


Recovery from this or any other viral illness requires that we get lots of rest. However, it is important that you ensure that you still do light activities (do not just lie in bed all the time in the name of resting, as this can lead to clots). It has been clearly proven that many of the fatal outcomes from COVID19 are as a result of blood clots.

Do step out into your yard (where possible) and get some sunlight. Warmer weather has been known to aid in reduced incidences and also increased recovery from viral illnesses. History has also shown that temperate countries have had the worst outcomes from viral pandemics because of the colder weather in these countries. Sunlight can also aid in the production of Vitamin D which aids in our immune response.

Fever is a major feature of COVID19. So, if you have fever then;

1) Use Paracetamol two (2) tabs three to four times daily (please do not exceed eight tablets daily).

2) Bathe with cool or room temperature water (this will help is reducing the fever).

3) Take lots of fluids as this helps to counteract dehydration which is often a feature of febrile illnesses.

The Role Of Antibiotics, Vitamins And Minerals

Remember that Covid19 is a viral and not a bacterial illness, so antibiotics are not helpful unless there is an associated bacterial infection.

Consult your doctor if you are concerned about your possible need for antibiotics or any other antimicrobial drugs. Please do not self-medicate with antibiotics or any other anti-microbial drugs.

However, there can be benefits from the following which have been proven to help our immune system to respond very well to infections; especially viral infections or diseases:

1) Vitamin C use 500mg-1000mg daily.
2) Vitamin D between 2000-5000.IU daily.

If you are using over 2500.IU then you can also add Vitamin K2 200mg daily (the Vitamin K2 can help in ensuring you don't have calcium plaques in your arteries as this is a possible side effect of high dose Vitamin D).

3) Zinc oxide 50mg daily

You can continue to use anticlotting agents like low dose Aspirin 81mg especially if you were on it before.

Aspirin is generally contraindicated in children.

If your child is sick I suggest that you seek the assistance of your paediatrician or primary care/family doctor.

Note however, that the use of the above named vitamins (C & D) and mineral (zinc) are not contraindicated in children. However, the doses should be lowered. Of course, your doctor can assist you in determining where this is helpful.

How About Steroids?

While there can be some benefit from steroids depending on the stage of the covid19 illness, consult your doctor regarding this. Please do not self-medicate on steroids as these can further reduce you immune response.

Other Tips

1) Please stay at home once you have symptoms of viral illness. This will definitely reduce the spread of the infection.

2) If you're not getting better please go to the nearest emergency health facility. Better outcomes are associated with earlier arrival at medical institutions where more specific therapeutic remedies can be prescribed or utilized.

3) Continue to practice the 3W's notable
a) Wash your hands / sanitize regularly.
b) Wear your mask.
c) Watch your distance.

4) If you're on quarantine / isolation orders, please adhere strictly to the order. Your adherence to these orders will greatly reduce the spread of the infection/disease. We want more freedom of movement not lockdowns, so please stay at home.

5) Please continue using your usual medications especially if you have comorbidities like; hypertension, diabetes, obesity, asthma, renal disease, cancer, HIV, autoimmune diseases like lupus etc.

6) Cough syrups may help with moderately severe or excessive coughing. Clear this with your doctors as indiscriminate use of these medications can be harmful well.

7) Allergy medications and Nasal sprays can also help if you are congested, however, I also suggest that you clear this with your doctors.

How About Hydroxychloroquine And Ivermectin?

Some might wonder why this write up does not deal with the use of medications like; Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin or others believed by some to "cure" covid19. This is because the tips in this write up are primarily the things YOU can do at home. They are HOME REMEDIES not direct therapeutic remedies.

Only a doctor can or should prescribe direct therapeutic medications or remedies.

Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are direct therapeutic remedies which should ONLY BE PRESCRIBED by qualified, certified and licensed medical doctors where they think or believe they are necessary.

This is the same reason the write up did not speak to covid19 vaccinations, which have clearly been proven to reduce deaths and hospitalizations from COVID19. Vaccines are also direct therapeutic measures and not home remedies.

A direct therapeutic remedy is NOT A HOME REMEDY. Unlike Multivitamins and minerals which the write up speaks to. These are largely considered as nutritional supplements, and therefore accepted as home remedies.

I hope these tips help you and yours to stay healthy.

I remain committed to a healthy you and me.