Monday, June 27, 2022


while the cry lingers all day
It may have awakened some hearts
To a sense of guilt and a desire of amendment
For ages, people have sought to find
A deeper meaning to life
Because our nation bleeds

The wind is about to blow
The blood of the innocent
May speak terrible things
Prepare all ears to listen to the voice

The blood of the innocent
Cries out from the ground,
On the very spots
Their brothers slaughtered them
In a lamentable conflict for no justifiable cause

What a humiliating and abominable slaughter
Of brothers by their brothers!
The cry goes up to heaven
From those fields, which God will hear

What matters if there is more than one nation?
Peace is better than war
Of what gain is it
When hands are stained
With the blood of their kinsmen?

I see a carnival of madmen
Ambushing their fellow mortals like roaring lions
I fear the demon has decided

I could have admitted it was a temptation
I could have retired in silence
To a lonely place and listen to the voice that cries

But the master has educated his youths in sin
Strong men with corrupt hearts
Ruling in corruption and crime

Beneath the shadow of night
While he parades the street as a gentleman
His victims are covered in shame
For a crime none will be exonerated

While he is called a reputable man
He may occupy a place of honour
With none to point fingers of scorn
But the voice of his victim
Cries to God for mercy!