Wednesday, June 8, 2022
Arizona, USA

his piece was written almost two years ago. It was published by Nigeriaworld and The Guardian Newspapers of 18th December, 2020, 4:05 am. It's being fine-tuned to meet the "more of the same" under this ineffective Buhari/Osinbajo's incommunicado administration.

There is gross and grotesque insecurity in Nigeria. Nigeria is not safe, and there is general hopelessness in the homeland. More than 30 people were killed in Owo, Ondo State today as the domestic terrorists attacked a peaceful Church conducting its peaceful service in the heart of the rustic town. These bandits were audaciously making a rueful statement to the politically handicapped President Muhammadu Buhari. Without mincing words or with no iota of reservations, Buhariís administration is a failure of success, and a successful loss in a country bedeviled with so much confusion and contradictions.

In a nutshell, my initial and unconditional support for Buhariís Presidential candidacy was born out of love for a beleaguered country we all love. I have no apologies for wanting Buhari to succeed as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. But I am also not ashamed to sincerely tender my unreserved apologies to those who, out of patriotism and love, periodically criticized and advised Buharists against being impassioned about Buhariís inability to perform effectively as we had expected. Buhari is tired and devoid of ideas on how to rescue Nigeria. I am loud now in wailing to declare that Buhari doesnít belong to everybody but belongs to somebody else in the Northern oligarchy and fouled Nigeriaís religious firmament. He has failed us!

President Muhammadu Buhari has more explainings to do for all Nigerians, NOW! There is more to recurring ugly news daily churning out of Nigeria. Those of us who were Buhariís ardent and (un)repentant supporters have no moral justification to keep deafening silence while he fails us. All Nigerians are not safe under his administration. Buhariís government is morbidly failing Nigerians. Mr. President should be told that this carnage, kidnapping, psychological trauma, and hopelessness are too much. If out of his old age, the President is unable to meet basic security needs, he should declare a state of emergency in Nigeria, NOW, and give power to capable young, vibrant, and articulate Nigerians to redraw our current famished road map. Daily killings and sufferings are too much for a nation in distress. The country Mr. President presides is under a morbid siege. He should urgently do something, now.

Sadly, every day is a troubling day in a troubled nationóóNigeria. Nigerians are now numbed to killings, maiming, kidnapping, and destruction of lives and property. As a bruised Buharist, my advice to twilight President Buhari is to resign his presidency and go home to rest in Daura. The present constituents of Nigeria are a colossal joke. Buhari has no clue on how to deconstruct the Nigerian generic and mystical sins. Nigeria is a ďmere geographical expressionĒ where injustices, inequities, unfairness, inconsistencies, iniquities, the hypothesis of hypocrisy, religious brigand, corruption, nepotism, deliberate ignorance, favoritism, etc., hold sway. Nigerian Constitution is also a mere paper shredder, and I am beginning not to believe in the ďmere geographical expressionĒ called Nigeria as espoused by the late sage Obafemi Awolowo. The more I look at the constituents of this contraption, the more I see great contradictions and injustices in the hypothesis of the current Nigerian constitutionís hypocrisy. Nigeria is a lawless country where the citizens. (e.g., politicians and religious leaders) daily pronounce laws and God but laced their behavior with insincerity and pretense. The rule of law and laws of God are mouthed every day with no recourse to moral decency, discipline, compassion, and uprightness.

Academically, President Buhariís leadership should be a case study on how not to misplace priority and an excellent opportunity for success in a contentious society. President Buhariís incapacitation to meet peopleís expectations is the bane of his administration. Consistency and enforcement of expectations provide the basis for effective governance. Where Buhariís administration has made a quantum leap, Buhariís handlers have ruined his unannounced and unsavory successes. Nigerians from all walks of life have offered their genuine advice for Buhariís victory. Still, he has gently brought his reputation to the slopes. With sustained leadership of the past, President Buhariís administration has sadly drained into a considerable number of doubts, turning Nigeria into a morass of corruption, hopelessness, and insecurity. Buhariís failure is solely premised on his recalcitrant attitude of putting the round pegs in the square holesó-a recipe for failure! Nigeria has continued to drain its best brains and human capital to the advanced countries in the world.

Unfortunately, while Nigeria is brimming with vibrant, jobless young, and impeccable human resources, President Buhariís gerontocratic government is entwined with sluggishness, deliberate indifference, and nepotism. Buhariís gerontocracy is a system whereby the old group of senile leaders with no clues about how government functions are administering a virile society like Nigeria. This has destroyed the remnants of his frugal and hyped integrity and ultimately fizzled out his moral conscience and consciousness. Peopleís hope and aspirations for the President have dwindled. Nigeria is now a country in the graveyard of horror. Our leaders have turned a potentially great nation into a potential mortuary where talented citizens are morbidly deposited daily with no hope on the horizon.

President Buhari must wake up to the cries (wailing) of the genuine people who want the best for Nigeria. The President should resign for his wellness and well-deserved rest in Daura. But after Buhariís imagined resignation, what is next? This is a contentious question that no one can adequately answer because of Nigeriaís lineage of corruption. Corruption is a culture in Nigeria. And the culture of bribery entwined the two most prominent religions (Christianity and Islam) in Nigeria. As Nigeria is bleeding profusely into the abyss of time, the resilient spirit of Nigeria is being bludgeoned by the proponents of these two principal religions, in collaboration with the political elites. Nigeriaís ailing body must be rescued from the intensive care unitóĖICU of the oligarchs and religious bigots. Otherwise, we are all going to be bereaved of Nigeriaís comatose entity and structure in no distant time. The time to rescue Nigeria is now!