Wednesday, June 1, 2022
Arizona, USA

Late Folake Abiola

"Ignorance shouldn't be blisteringly blissful to hurt vulnerable minds." -Yahaya Balogun

here's what I call deliberate ignorance industrial complex in our society. Deliberate ignorance is gradually becoming a pandemic. It's no more blissful as the axiom goes!

As humans, we all have the sameness of different problems in our individual lives. So many people go through so much stuff. It is obviously local and global. What the world needs is humanity in all of us to be for one another. Knowledge-wise, unless we seek to know something, we don't know anything, if we don't seek to know anything, we don't get something --we won't get anything. Let's not be judgemental of what we are professionally ignorant and naive about.

In a nutshell, it is increasingly becoming offensive to read idiotic comments on social media about the death of this deceased woman. Zuckerberg village is becoming embarrassingly offensive promoting disingenuous disinformation and misinformation to cause more problems for society. Facebook management should be more inclined to stop these unnecessary existential problems. Facebook management must set its priority right by sanctioning those amplifying and spreading misinformed news. The meta platform should stop harassing those who are speaking the truth to counter the toxicity of misinformation. Please, again, those who are ignorantly blaming Folake Abiola, the innocent deceased Lagos Telecom Accountant should desist, and be respectful to the dead woman. We should understand that not all wounds bleed! If you haven't been to the point of no return, you will never understand how those who successfully crossed the rubicon did it. Only a victim of self in a dysfunctional society knows where his or her existential shoe pinches!

However, we must be our brother and sister's, keepers. We must come together to ask our next-door neighbors if we don't see them for a while! It means a lot to help one another. No mortal man or woman is existentially indispensable or excused from the plethora of problems plaguing the world. Our existential stories are different but the same in pain, and psychosocial.

Unfortunately, it's so sad that our society is too pseudo-religious and religiously attached to churches and mosques that don't provide sacred solutions. In those good old days, churches are the last resort for salvation and succor. Today, not anymore! The highest depressed people are found in the churches and mosques in Nigeria these days, and depression does not recognize your religion. Only those with a truly strong faith in God can escape worldly affairs and depression.

Depression is real but our society is ignorantly contributing to the mental health problems of everyone. We all need mental health evaluation in Nigeria. We must seek help whenever we feel unusual feelings we cannot control. Talk to someone you trust, and seek medical and psychological bits of help.

According to a revelation from one Mr. Nehru Odeh in the NigeriaWorld online newspaper, Folake Abiola, a chartered accountant with telecom giant Globacom, committed suicide at her 1. Abayomi kukomi Close residence in Osapa London, Lekki, Lagos on Friday 27 May 2022. She was aged 45. May Almighty God comforts and consoles the family she left behind.

And may her gentle and innocent soul rest in perfect peace.

Please, open up the link below from a published article from The Guardian Newspapers on why we all need mental evaluation in Nigeria. ??????