Saturday, July 30, 2022


omewhere there are forces at work:
Malicious, evil and unjust forces
They feed on the blood of their fellow men
They destroy families and bomb hospitals
Spread hate and terror to any visible thing.

The murderers are all over in our land
Many of them relate with the public organisations
Others parade with false identities and connections
Some manipulate, defraud and cheat others
By dishonest techniques.

I exonerate them of blame
They have been infected by an unhealthy syndrome
As for their healing, there is no remedy
Even if our world gets destroyed by their games
Their lives will remain worthless.

From my heart, I will not support their wicked plots
No matter how much injuries they continue to inflict
One day peace, equity and love
Will shine like the rays of the morning Sun

Lives and property perish
Our elders sit helpless in their homes
Our youths roam the streets in search of fortune
The beauty of children, daughters and mothers
Fade away like flowers.

A world where evil thrives
A vast wealth of souls is harvested
From the face of the planet
Our daughters market their bodies
We hear of ransom from dissidents

Greed and injustice penetrate the hearts
They harvest all but Peace
Evil is their best abode
They have no place to call a home
A pack of bullies and killjoys
Who crave for redemption
For their sick souls

This voyage on Earth
Is propelled by divine powers
The Beasts of terror on rampage
Like tiny hands formed to the shape of a cup
The divine mercy of God will sustain us.

Victims of injustice, take heart
You have endured trials and afflictions
Your hearts shall be consoled
The angels of God will take you home!