Tuesday, July 26, 2022


hat do you look at
When you choose your leaders?
Who is your choice?
Did you choose them based on religion
Ethnicity, family or the same ideology?
Check whom you choose.

Your leader
Does he have a vision for his people?
I think the mistake in selection should stop
Look for a leader of notable character
Check whom you choose. Get a leader who is not sectional and with a high profile
Choose him because he can do the job
Select him because he can communicate with other countries
And take decisions of common interest. We are where we are because of greed and hunger
We accept everything thrown to us
In exchange for our voter's cards
This has become the order of the day
Check whom you choose. Mathias became a discipline on Merit
He knew all it takes to be among the chosen ones
We choose because we are hungry and self-centred
Our bad leaders have washed our brains
With smooth talk and we cannot reason again.