Saturday, July 23, 2022


HANK YOU is the shortest prayer
It is an illustration from a heart full of joy
Gratitude is the ultimate prayer
Our gifts are a return on God's gift-giving.

Life is praiseworthy
It deserves our gratitude
Gratitude is the ultimate enabler
It moves us from apparent indifference to liberal giving
It can move mountains.

Never underrate the power of gratitude
Great things can be built by it
It can stir us to accomplish an act of giving
It generates more grace and beauty
From the giver to the receiver.

Gratitude gladdens the heart
It is God's nature to give gifts
God values helpful gifts from the heart
The gifts that we give to others
Comes from within us.

Gratitude is an instrument for change
It removes resentment and bitterness from the heart
It creates a sense of generosity towards our loved ones
A deeper relation emerges from s grateful heart.

Gratitude stands like a mountain of hope in the heart
It is a reminder that life is benevolent and kind
It helps us to build a relationship with God and others
Let's be grateful to God for our life.

Gratitude creates a happy atmosphere
It impasses a sense of love connection
It is a feeling of fullness of joy
When we express our gratitude
God will give us more contentment and happiness.

Gratitude is the source of virtue
It is the origin of the character
And the highest proof of our soul's strength
A grateful heart discovers heavenly blessings
Our life will be beautiful
If we understand the power of gratitude.