Sunday, August 28, 2022
Arizona, USA

"NBA conference blues: the aftermath of vandalism of printed materials, alleged theft, NBA former President promises prosecution of indicted lawyers. Will lawyers defend them? That will be interesting!" -Ayo Siyanbola Senior

hamefully, the naughty nature of some Nigerian youths and the hungry lawyers at the NBA Conference was disgraceful! The show of shame and the desecration of the Nigeria legal plaza for a plate of jollof rice and piece of meat, and the rush for juvenile souvenirs will linger on for a long time to come. Nigeria needs a total overhaul and moral reboot. The beautiful country has slid into a dystopian state and the abyss of the season. The stakeholders in Nigeria need an urgent mental evaluation.

In a nutshell, the contradictory nature of some Nigerians was amplified a few days ago by the naughty Nigerian youths when Nigerian Bar Association--NBA had its yearly Conference in Lagos. It was a gathering and coagulation of razzmatazz individuals with selective footsoldiers to cheer and celebrate their political and senile candidates. Unfortunately, the beautiful message delivered at the event was swallowed by the unfashionable messenger of the August occasion.

The aftermath of the NBA event left a sour taste in the taste buds of everyone. It has also penned a rueful note in the lexicon of bewildered Nigerians. The legal fraternity of hungry and angry participants at end of the event was very dishonorable. The behavior of the unruly lawyers brought the profession to a state of disrepute.

Expectedly, Peter Obi--Mr. "Go and Verify," as usual, rigmarole around the plethora of Nigeria's woes without any ounce of solutions proferred. Alhaji Atiku could not even articulate his stale evidentiary political antecedents. The inAtikulate Atiku was very pedestrian and soured in his boring presentation. But one amusing but concerning submission from the event was the antithesis of decorum and lack of recognition of intellectual acuity of one of the 2023 candidates--Alhaji Kashim Shetima, by the children of anger.

Meanwhile, most of the pedestrian participants at the memorable occasion were there not by omission but by the commission of the power-that-be to come to ridicule an intellectual but frugal in dandy outfits, Vice Presidential candidate Shettima. Unfortunately, to those who expected Shettima's mockery, they turned out to be the mockery of the intelligentsia and rational--minded circle. No one worth his or her salt can fault the all-studded facts and figures from an experienced and astute man with track records of achievements as a private citizen and a public servant.

Amazingly, the rabble-rouse supermarket presidential candidate; who also doubled as Mr. "Go and Verify," Obi's statistical figures were, as usual, constructed to further sentence his "Obidient" followers into the forest of political jiggery-pokery. Every rational mind will admit the substantive revelation of Shettima, and how the former teacher marshaled his points to buttress his achievements in Borno state and Nigeria. He also revealed how Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu discovered and nurtured political capital/talents in Nigeria.

Interestingly, Alhaji Kashim Shettima spoke about how Tinubu and his successors exponentially, grew the economy of Lagos from an N600million revenue base to an N51billion naira today. Shettima also reeled out how Lagos has become Africa’s fourth biggest economy. With pertinent observation, the psychology of the intelligent audience at the symposium, and their body language to Shettima's facts, figures, and examples from other developed countries were evidentiary. Other wry observers were there as Arsenal or Eyimba cheerleaders to cheer a candidate who is very comfortable at manufacturing fibbing political statistics.

Furthermore, a brilliant and cosmopolitan Shettima is one of the star boys of his state. He also became the starboy of NBA events with an admixture of his un-dandy analog dress. After his achievement in suppressing the menace of Boko Haram in 2019, the two-term governor built schools and equipped them better than some university schools in Nigeria. It will be intellectually dwarf of anyone to deliberately reconstruct the intelligent presentation of Senator Kashim Shettima at the August occasion.

For our collective information, Alhaji Kashim Shettima is a lettered man. He had his first degree in Agricultural Economics at the University of Maiduguri--UNIMAID. He did his NYSC in Calabar, Cross River state, Nigeria. He then obtained his master's degree at the University of Ibadan. He began his professorial career in 1991 as a lecturer in Agricultural Economics at the University of Maiduguri before going into the banking industry. Alhaji Kashim Shettima providentially became the Bornu State Governor in 2011.

Ruefully, the trending, naughty competition on zuckeville, and amplification of the "Baba Sala" outfit of Alhaji Kashim Shettima have dwarfed the marbles and myopic eyes of some Humpty-dumpty individuals. These children of outrage funnily failed to see the outsized intelligence of the next Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria...lol. God's willing, we will remind the "Obidient" children of their state of naughtiness after the general election in 2023.