Sunday, August 28, 2022


one of us came with riches into this world
It is evident that we all had a humble beginning
Everything is given to us by nature:
riches, wealth, property, capital, money, lucre, affluence, gold or treasure.

Living a humble life prepared us to the blessings of good times
The lesson of life enabled us to choose good over evil
It taught us to appreciate love rather than material wealth
Without love, nothing can bring us happiness and acceptance.

Behind the table of fortune, there may be a variety
We can change our world to what we want to be
Efforts and determination are the security agents
Love can change things including the world itself.

Never stay in the company of those who talk evil
because God created the earth by speaking His Word into existence
The life that He gave to us is described as light
Anything opposed to life is death described as darkness.

Since light is life and sin brings death
God has given us light that we may identify life in Him
A Godly life is full of inestimable riches
A new life in Christ is riches beyond measure.

We were born without authority or fortune
and we will die empty one day
What then is the need for excess wealth?
Let us allow our understanding of God to guide us daily.