Tuesday, August 23, 2022
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Arizona, USA

"Yesterday I had to mentally take myself into a dark place to compete for the championship belts! I had two fights, one with Usyk and one with my emotions, and both got the better of me. I�ll be the first to admit, that I let myself down. I acted out of pure passion and emotion and when not controlled it ain�t great. I love this sport so so much and I�ll be better from this point on." --Anthony Joshua.

y simple message to Anthony Joshua: you should be proud of who you have become. When you lose a fight or battle, you're enabled to identify the root causes of your failure. Failure isn't always an endpoint of struggle. It's the beginning of a new beginning for success or a challenging but gainable game. Failure is just a challenge, not an obstacle to a winnable war or battle. Winners have never been quitters, but quitters have always been losers in the lexicons of victory and failure.

Expectedly, while rational minds are mostly pleased with Joshua's spirit of sportsmanship and humility for his temporary setback, the sound mind should be more displeased but not surprised by the demoralizing dispositions of commenters on social media. Joshua's preyers or moral predators ooze out unprintable words on zuckerville about his temporary loss of boxing match and pugilism. These pretentious, opinionated, and know-it-all people were once-upon-a-time well-wishers who celebrated their cynicism and pretense via Joshua's previous boxing accomplishments.

Sadly, now that the pugilistic table temporarily turns, they're denigrating Joshua's temporal loss. Africans' DNA and gnomes are made up of pretenses, self-hate, MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction), backbiting, and slide of lies. Most people have thrown away the soothing balms and cool towels of constructive criticisms to encourage people.

When you existentially win, you become the friend of friends in a house of pretense. But when you fail in our clime, you are on your own-OYO. As a result, our wasteland is plagued with mediocrity. Our nation stinks to high heaven! The celestial majesty Himself is tired and frustrated with people's hypocrisy in Africa.

As Joshua poignantly posited: "we'll be back 100 (percent). I'm ready to get back to training. Because of the twelve rounds, my lungs, and everything, it was a good twelve-rounder, so I'll be in a good place when I get back into training to pick up where we left off." - Anthony Joshua.

Joshua's self-reassuring and self-preservation should motivate him as he prepares for the next battle of boxing pugilism. To me, I see Anthony Joshua's 'loss' as not a loss, but a challenge to win another day.

Joshua should be armed with his self-motivation and moral encouragement from other real people out there encouraging him to succeed! Anthony Joshua should also take this direct and observatory message while strolling back to the training room for re-evaluation for another day in the boxing ring.