Tuesday, August 23, 2022


igeria, the song of my grandmother
Now I am quite a lot older
Sounds like a lavished praise
Indeed, the song of National praise
A time when she nods her head
A gesture of reverence she made
In the presence of someone of valour
Hopeful song I still remember now
I want to sing it but how?

Can I pretend not to understand
Now that the pet is in wrong hands?
Her face shines like a morning star
Unspotted, untainted and rid of scar
Hope sprung from her side
Later considered a long stride

This is my grief
It had ruined my belief
Forever in anguish I will be
Oh! That's how everything crumbled
Like a stumbling, trotting turtle

Mine is the nation loathed and raided
Everyone marked with red
Who again is safe when they strike
Young and old are alike
There is no place again to tarry
Just because we are due for quarry

Blood gushed and flows like the Ogbaku river
Ever flowing and flowing wherever
Who can bring this to an end
His ambition we must attend

Just say it, mention it and it is done
Make it known and you have won
Our land needs sanity and peace
Ruthless men have torn it to shreds
Till this is at last done
Your sorrow will to the grave run
Oh! Nigeria, Giant of Africa.