Thursday, August 18, 2022


ever give opinions until you understand the narrative
Even as I stand at my regular spot to watch
The best I can do is to remain focus
The black spots I see in them can't prevent me from voicing out the truth.

I have accepted the truth of their activities
I am resolved to stay sane in a crazy world
I have acknowledged myself and the society I live in
My choice is to remain happy and healthy.

The world I thought was round in shape has become flat
The centre can't hold because of the change
Our world has fallen apart and in pieces
Everything is moving in a zigzag pattern.

A world of mad people has no fixed destination
There is a lack of that order next to godliness
If you think you can apply faith without good work
Then, it is an indication that you are reading the Bible upside down.

The bell rang and we gathered
It was the biggest gathering we can think of
My imagination could not distinguish the kind of sound on the background
To my surprise, it was the gathering of fools and mad people.

Many have identified them as politicians
Others tagged them as opportunists and official criminals
I'm surprised how they would have sold their senses without cost
It was indeed the gathering of mad people.

Watching closely you will know that their sanity is gone
Today they see white
Tomorrow, black
Mad people they are.

They can change as chameleon
My country is indeed filled with mad people
Integrity is the guiding principle
Indeed, what is practised is far from integrity, honesty and sincerity.

It is amazing to see that those who are supposed to be our teachers are teaching us nonsense
Teacher don't teach me nonsense as Fella will say
You see them in churches claiming to be philanthropists
Unfortunately, they are working for their pockets.

In market places you still find them
With the facemask, they have been taught to protect themselves against COVID-19
Instead of closing their mouths and nose, they use their mask to cover their chin
What a world of mad people.

The problem is that their madness is contagious
They deceive the destiny of our youths
They sabotage our economy for personal use
Our traditional rulers are deceived easily with material gifts.

Praying is not the only solution to our problem
We must heal our youths and save them from the syndrome of madness
We need a return to God for a total cleansing
Without God's mercy in our lives, our world will remain forever sick.