Tuesday, August 9, 2022


wave of bad news can leave you on the verge of despair
When evil seems to win on all sides
and families break apart
Materialism seems to be on the increase
Yet, God remains in charge of the universe.

I feel great pain in my stomach
The massacre against my people is beyond shock
I want the news to reach people in the world
It is a violation against humanity
We are on the verge of despair.

While hundreds of people are slaughtered daily like lambs
The world seems to watch in silence
When will this cruel operation end?
We need foreign aid to halt this atrocity
There is panic in the hearts of everyone.

Who will put an end to these tragedies
when our farmers are scared to go to their fields?
Children are terrified to play openly in their homes
Life has come to a cessation
Everyone's focus is glued to the media
To follow the news closely.

People are under tension and stress
They are fed up with the attack of the criminals
Some corrupt rulers have lost their wisdom to cheat
In their hypocrisy, they prove to the world the opposite
Yet, there is no peace and serenity in the land.

Our country ate the forbidden fruit
Their eyes have been opened to sin
They now stand naked before the entire world
But we deserve a modest atmosphere.