Saturday, August 6, 2022


lift my voice in protest against my fate
Death can't change my human heart
A convicted sinner I profess to be
I deserve more retribution before my exit
I implore you, bury me with my sins.

Why should I be upset in conscience?
Why should I worry about judgement?
Through no great fault of mine
I am charged forever by the unjust
to a life of misery, poverty, and inequality.

All about me is in torment
as I hear about murder, bribery, injustice, corruption, kidnapping, wickedness and abuse
Fantastically corrupt tagged me as a sinner
When I die, bury me with my sins.

But here is a narrative of my life as a voice for my nation
My forerunner was not successful in keeping down the killers who rambled
In exchange, he placed them on pay
for urgent mission and partnership
Every effort of mine to subdue them was vain.

Awakened by sleep of death
I entered into a world I never knew existed
To my mind, nothing is more terrible than death
I escaped from misfortune
I see myself miserable among miserable.

I almost made a difference when I rashly signed every record
Of late, I discovered my mistakes
That hell is my nation
When my voice becomes voiceless
Bury me with my sins.