Saturday, April 30, 2022
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Muslims during prayers

e are in the final phase of the Holy month of Ramadan! Here is the song my Alfa of blessed memory used to sing; a man who also fathered me as his son. Song.kk Ramadan frj ni, rn Ramadan k ig ni, gbyn Ramadan aso er domo..! Translation: The beginning of Ramadan is the forgiveness of sins; the middle of Ramadan is for pampering and blessings, the end of Ramadan is freedom from slavery (of this world). Ramadan Kareem folks, Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It comes once a year. It is also a period that every Muslim takes stock of the past and stays away from sins and abstains or temporarily punctuates intake of foods, sexual Intercourse, and other existential conveniences. Ramadan is a month of a consequential reminder to ourselves to be mindful of our actions and inaction, and take more cognizance and care for the less privileged in society. The month of Ramadan is a period in (which Muslims) all over the world are expected to research their minds and take stock of their roles in a world in search of peace. Islam means peace, but the peace in our conscience today is the peace of the graveyard.

In the past, the inadequacy of our actions to strongly condemn terrorists when they strike innocent people has put Muslims in a very suspicious position by those who dont even understand the beauty and tenets of Islam. It is heartwarming now that Muslims are coming out to vehemently condemn the heinous crimes being perpetrated by these religious hoodlums in the name of Islam. Factually, these unrepentant fundamentalists do not even understand the religion they claim to defend. The religion clearly declares that killing a fellow human being is like killing the whole world. Justifiably or unjustifiably, exterminating other peoples lives with no recourse to laws of the land should be humanly abominable and condensed to damnation. Religion all over the world has been a culprit in the hands of the morons who misinterpreted it to suit their ghoulish and beastly ways of life.

Those who kill and maim lives using Islam as an excuse and a shield or a canopy to perpetrate evils are less than 0.01% of 1.6 billion adherents of Islam. The pertinent question is: why do the majority of Muslims maintain deafening silence in the face of these heinous crimes against their folks and humanity? Why are the western media suppressing the few Muslims who clamor against these heinous crimes? Why are their voices not being loudly heard to prevent Islamophobic and xenophobic reactions against Muslims? The holy Quran has even expatiated succinctly that to kill an innocent soul unjustly is like killing the whole world. Justifiably, when you defend yourself in the face of a potential tragedy or harm, it is a sacred justification against harm or assault.

But when you wantonly exterminate lives gruesomely in the name of a religion, it is unpardonable and beyond indefensible. Islamically, terrorists are not true Muslims; their actions are antithetical to peace and the tenets of Islam. According to Pew research, as of 2010, Christianity was by far the worlds largest religion, with an estimated 2.2 billion adherents, nearly a third (31 percent) of all 6.9 billion people on Earth. The Pew report further says. Islam was second, with 1.6 billion adherents, or 23 percent of the global population as of April 2, 2015. According to this American-based Pew research organization, the worlds Muslim population will surpass Christians this Century. Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the world with an estimated I.6 billion adherents growing more tangentially daily.

The religion is under attack by a small or minute percentage of the adherents; it is understandably under attack or criticism by those who are justifiably indisposed to maiming and killing the innocent people in the society. Islam is currently the most misconceived and misunderstood religion in the world. Those who tagged Islam as a religion of violence are reluctantly exonerated because less than 0.01% of the 1.6 billion adherents perpetrating the heinous crimes in the name of the religion discolored the remaining chunk of the percentage.

Christianity had been in the same strand in the past during the period of Constantine. But now, what you see is the invasion of the minds of the unsuspecting adherents. The inability to read and interpret the Holy Book for salvation has been the bane of todays Christianity.

Instant gratification, ostentatious lifestyles, and worldly prosperity have taken over the quest for eternal salvation. The collective (dis)embellishment of Islam by the terrorists and the evil-doers of the world should be a great concern to all good and true Muslimeen (man) and Muslimaat (woman) in the world. Those who understand the tenets of Islam will appreciate the nuance that it is good they know Islam before they know Muslims i.e those who are true adherents and honestly practice Islam. The sublimity of the Islamic religion encompasses total submission to the will of God; compassion for our neighbors, giving alms to the poor people, love and tolerance to those who do not share our beliefs and showcasing the moral and good content of our characters or our ways of life.

Muslims should collectively denounce every act of terrorism in the strongest possible term in every available circumstance. The wolves in the religion must be exposed and excommunicated to further embellish the beauty of Islam. I love mankind because I am not a sociopath, but I have an aversion for these mindless morons who populated and inhabited the world. Based on my background, I am not in the art of sanctimonious irresponsibility to preach to the world, but I crave the indulgence of brothers and sisters in Islam to heed my little advice to make this world a habitable place for mankind.

Religion should be a tool for mans advancement not for terror and gradual or total annihilation of humanity. Interestingly, the most idiotic truth or suggestions in life are the ones we shy away from telling our fellow human beings. And keeping quiet in the face of tyranny will encourage and make extremism fester more in our midst or society. May we not be a sleeping giant in all existential and supreme matters in our lives.

May we, through the Almighty Allah deliver ourselves from ourselves. Until we reorder our religious values with morality, we aint gonna go anywhere. We need to be morally and lovely rearmed.

This is the time to begin to disabuse the mind of those who genuinely have misconceptions about Islam and love ourselves. Ramadan period is a period to leverage our influence positively on mankind; to be morally and religiously rearmed with a good conscience to save humanity from belligerence and utter destruction.

I wish all my Muslimeen (men) and Muslimaat (women), young and old a rewarding month of Ramadan and after. Let us make this month a month of soul-searching, and make amendments where necessary for our spiritual rejuvenation and happiness. Life is beautiful. Hereafter, it is even more beautiful! Peace is unto you, peace is unto the world.

Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family. May the holy essence of this auspicious month remain in your heart and life! AMEEN!