Tuesday, September 7, 2021
Arizona, USA

Lt Col Mamady Doumbouya

pecial Forces led by Lt Col Mamady Doumbouya seized power from Guinea’s President a few days ago. If the coup is successful, it will mark the third time in five months that a West African nation has suffered a military takeover of a "democratically elected" government.

Amidst numerous reports, the coup that removed corrupt President Alpha Conde of Guinea from office was said to have been led by an elite unit, headed by a former French legionnaire, Lt Col Mamady Doumbouya. This is a great opportunity for the new usurpers in Guinea to rewrite and revolutionalize Africa's history. If I were the new military leader of this successful rebellion, I will make history by initiating an all-inclusive government devoid of the old corrupt politicians. I will bring corrupt President Alpha Conde and his cabinet minions to the dark history book of Africa. But the mundane question is: who is not corrupt in Africa? Unfortunately, Africa is doomed to experience "glorified saviors" only to turn around to become more monstrous than the ones they've claimed to remove from office. At his old age, the corrupt President Alpha Conde detained (disgracefully seen barefooted via video footage) by the military has been in office for a third term after he rewrote the Constitution of Guinea to leverage his selfish political ambition.

Meanwhile, some of us who are political watchers in Nigeria will remember how Mr. Tortoise failed to rewrite the Nigerian paper shredder called the Constitution after his second term in office. The grandstander, political opportunist, and cunning Mr. Tortoise attempted to corruptly extend his presidency to a third term in office but he failed woefully as a result of people's resistance. The toothless regional African leaders are birds of a feather with corrupt credentials, flock together. Otherwise, how on earth should Nigerian Mr. Tortoise and Oga Jona still be shadowing as representations and megaphones for 'good government' in Africa?

With cautious optimism, this weekend's insurrection in the small West African country would be the third time in five months the troubled West African subregion has suffered coup d'état. The corrupt leadership of Africa is doomed to political perfidy if the status quo (i.e., the existing state of socio-economic and political affairs) remains the same.

Is Africa jinxed? Folks, my take on the latest military putsch in Guinea tallies with the hopelessness of leadership and people's expectations about Africa's future. I was saddened by the jubilation of the have-nots and hapless citizens in the streets of Guinea yesterday. I watched the wretched Guineans with a pitiable stance jubilating with the expected circumlocution of rueful sameness of leadership known to Africa.

Africa is jinxed. The whole system in Africa is precariously burdened with leadership and followership problems. African leadership is the offshoot of the followership. The problems with African leaders and followers are not mutually exclusive. African humans are inherently nasty and selfish! The problems of Africa are mutually shared. The gnomes or the nomenclature of African DNA are genetically made up of innate corruption and selfishness.

Sadly, there's no hope on the horizon with the current dispositions of the African citizens. The caveat is that this huge and dark-goggled guy in martial outfits can actually make history if he allows history to make him blissfully. Lt Col Mamady Doumbouya has predicted the future of his country, he should be smart enough to begin to recreate the future of the Guinean people. Arms akimbo!"

To the impoverished and jubilant citizens of Guinea, my message to you is: it's not yet Uhuru for them and their beleaguered geopolitical and poor country. The evolving nuances of revolt in Guinea among the comity of African nations are to be watched with keen interest. To have been beaten 'severally' is to be 'numerously' shy!