Wednesday, October 20, 2021
Arizona, USA
Nigeria 2023: Osinbajo, a man to watch!

VP Osinbajo

"When they go low, we go high" •Michelle Obama

"When we cry, we must make cautious attempt to see beyond our hypocritical, cynical, confused and contradictory environment." •Yahaya Balogun

rofessor Oluyemi Oluleke Osinbajo, the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is an impeccable loyal, clergyman and quintessential professor. He is also a legal luminary and the son of a humble old man and the adorable old woman from a rustic village in Ogun State. Osinbajo is a man to watch with a keen interest in the evolving Nigerian politics. Only those who are imbued with an intuitive mind and sense of imagination can discern and appreciate the mind of a man like Osinbajo.

The meekness of the Vice-President is sometimes taken as weakness by haters and mischief-makers. The injustice, inequality and unfairness in the land is very palpable and understandable. Those of us who are disgruntled with the system should thread it softly softly. What is fighting for the status quo is hidden in the cocoon of those profiting from our collective squalor. Those of us agitating for Yoruba Nation must muse the two quotations in this article. We must not throw away our baby with the bathwater. When we cry, we must make cautious attempt to see beyond our hypocritical, cynical, confused and contradictory environment. When people "go low, we must go high" to morally educate friends and foes.

In nutshell, those who know Osinbajo will tell you that he’s a no-nonsense team leader. In a nutshell, when we carefully peruse the minds of Osinbajo’s students and those he has truly led in the house of God before he became the number two man in Nigeria, we will come to attest to the professor’s sense of purpose, humility, godliness, loyalty, and brilliance. The first day I listened to the professor’s excellent presentation, I was blown away.

Amiably, Osinbajo’s family is the epitome of humility, godliness with full of simplicity worthy of emulation. Interestingly, I sometimes discuss this man’s family with my children. His family is an example of a responsible family we have been building and mirroring! Teach your children humility, contentment, respect, and the fear of God; they will not depart from them when they grow up, so say the holy book.

As you lay your bed, so you shall lie on it. I wish president Muhammadu Buhari can just anoint Osinbajo as his heir apparent to succeed him in 2023 if our current youths fail to discover or get right their political mojo! Meanwhile, one of the qualities of Osinbajo that is dazzling to mind is his undeterred and unfettered emulative spirit that is unattractive to little minds. Osinbajo has the quality of being economical with money, thriftiness, and otherworldly vanities. The quantum quality that exemplifies the dwindling Mr. Integrity (Buhari) himself!

Osinbajo scorns the finer things in life and ensconces himself in moral values, frugality, and simplicity. Just imagine when our mummed, integrity-personified; the indifferent and recalcitrant president was hospitalized in far away-London, Osinbajo loyally, graciously, and carefully deputized for him. He carried out the constitutional functions and business of government with much candor, respect, and admiration of all. In all geopolitical zones in the country, Osinbajo sauntered everywhere in the country and was welcomed like a rock star.

Apart from Osinbajo’s managerial skills, pastoral and leadership qualities, the professor is a frugal and disciplined family man who’s always in tune with the reality and existentialism of everyday life. His disciplinarian attitude conspicuously reflects not only on his amiable wife, but it is also emblematic of his children. Just imagine and ask a question, how many Osinbajo’s children have the readers of this reality piece seen in the vainglory that permeates our society today? Your answer may be as good as mine! Osinbajo’s three children are the golden scions and the true representatives of the family.

Moreover, there are three periods in a man’s life: a time to be born, a time to dwell in this existentialism, and a time to depart from this mundane. Osinbajo and his simple wife built a formidable family in the second/middle period and the ages of their lives. Whatever a man does in life whether by commission or omission is an instrument for future development. The Vice President is a man if given the full power to operate can transform the political equation and rewrite the socioeconomic nomenclature of Nigeria. Nigeria is at crossroads, at this auspicious and fragile period of her life, it needs a brilliant and godly man with impeccable leadership credentials, and in a consonant or partnership with Mr. Integrity to halt or reverse the dangerous journey of our people gliding on the road to perfidy.

In conclusion, with a note of warning and admonition. The political neophytes and their godfathers are surreptitiously scheming to sneak into our youth's moral consciousness to subvert 2023. Sadly, the current youth is adamantly very complacent and needs unfettering directions in Nigerian politics. Osinbajo is undoubtedly a political elixir to give direction and consolidate the gains of the current gradual installation of probity, discipline, integrity, incorruptible atmosphere, patriotism, godliness, and sanity into the Nigerian political system. With an admixture of optimism and skepticism, until godfatherism is flushed into the pit latrine of Nigerian politics, we will continue to write endlessly for the love of our country!