Monday, November 8, 2021
Arizona, USA

"We should not expect God to do for us what we ought to do for ourselves." - Dare Babarinsa.

"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. - Abraham Lincoln.

he accompanying picture in this piece is robotic machine food delivery at Northern Arizona University-NAU. It is an innovation that eases the distribution and delivery of food items from the restaurant or cafeteria to the dorms or houses of students on campus. It is one of the fascinating technological know-how of the forward-looking nation. The world is moving at an incredible pace to laser focus on making the world a better place. But alas, Africa, nay Nigeria, in 21st-century development, is still struggling with bad religious competitions and political strives.

Hypocritically, every Friday and Sunday, most Nigerians troop in thousands to Mosques and Churches to "pray" to God/Allah to be preyed on by their religious leaders. Nigerians are used to the blasphemy of God/Allah daily. We ask God/Allah what God/Allah has bountifully bestowed on us. Religion is polarizing and dividing Nigerians at the literal speed of light—religious brawls and resentment of one another. Opposing beliefs separate beautiful families through religious beliefs. We have a collective and peculiar mess (p?nk?l?´m?`esì) in our social interactions.

In Nigeria, most Christians pretend to love Muslims; and most Muslims feign to love Christians. In Nigeria, the adherents of both faiths (Christians and Muslims) are in the clusters of religious hypocrisy and bigotry. Christians and Muslims have a common enemy in our traditional religion. Nigerian conventional religion is more humane and forthright than the two brawlsome Nigerian religions. Unfortunately, there is no chance of abating this moral, spiritual, and human debasement between the twosome religions.

Recently, I had the opportunity of addressing church congregants in a church at a birthday reception in Dallas, Texas, USA. The middle-aged woman who MCed the occasion gave me the mic and a chance to talk. Not to my surprise, she added a jab into a seemingly cordial gesture. After introducing myself as a devoted Muslim, all the way from Arizona, and enthusiastically singing Christian songs in praises to God for the celebrant's amiable life, the MC-woman thanked me with the Nigerian usual "evangelism." She said that I should give my life to Christ. It was one of the religious biases I have seen amongst Nigerian religionists in recent times. For the occasion, my host in Dallas, Texas, who happens to be a Christian, was furious and had to walk out of the Church and called the situation an embarrassment. I didn't see the scene as an embarrassment but the usual affront to other religious faiths and the religion (Christianity) the Church-MC woman claims to profess.

In a nutshell, while the poor religious but ungodly Nigerians ignorantly fight one another, their political and religious leaders are in rueful unison to decimate the poor people to sustain their illegal wealth and immoral acquisitions. Nigerian leaders are perfectionists in Machiavellian art to make money and fame. While the rest of the world is easing the daily lives of the people with science and technology and with robotic reengineering, Nigeria, on the other hand, is still grappling with dilapidated and famished roads that kill hundreds of her citizens daily. Moreover, in Nigeria, elemental power and potable water to meet the people's physiological needs are still a luxury. As a result, millions of Nigerian citizens are hopelessly struggling for basic food, welfare, and moral survival daily.

Nigeria is a failed state. Our leaders on both religious and political strata have failed Nigeria. The people are also dying. Let's not forget about the inefficient security apparatus of President Muhammadu Buhari. Let's not forget the false or pseudo-religiosity of most of the religious adherents in Nigeria. Let's not forget the collective hypothesis of hypocrisy, backbiting, dishonesty, deceit, and the 2faces of most of the majority of Nigerians.

Meanwhile, in Nigeria, God in His infinite mercy gets blasphemed every day by Nigerians' deliberate actions and inactions. Yet, we all want God to be merciful and benevolent to us. Sacrilagiosly, God in His infinite mercy cannot be deceived, yet most Nigerians deceive themselves at the expense of themselves and the innocent people. Nigerians are good at jalopy or clunker approaches to their numerous problems. People invoke God/Allah's name at the slightest opportunity to defraud the minds of their unsuspecting religious preys. Whenever a specific Nigerian mentions God's name with Insha Allah/In Jesus' name, the sensory nerves of one's sense of awareness are triggered to read the lie-dripping lips of the religionist or worshipper, those who aren't religious are political and religious leaders' enablers. They enable the vices of their leaders. At the same time, these leaders smile with their loot to local and foreign banks at the expense of the enablers' total welfare. Thus, Nigerians are beset by the forests of hypocrisy and religiosity.

It is pertinent to note that Nigeria's offshoots and multifaceted problems arise from the collective hypothesis of hypocrisy and deliberate ignorance. Until Nigerians reorder their religious values, they will continue to be in their collective woes---and religious and political (p?nk?l?´m?`esì) peculiar mess.