Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Arizona, USA

ome time ago, someone asked this writer why he's so impassioned about the United States of America, and Nigeria. My answer was humbling and simple: the United States of America cares for me and all that is mine. Nigeria nurtured me from the cradle and instilled moral codes in my relationship with humanity. On the other hand, America also cares for me and humanity and creates an enabling environment for its citizens to thrive, maintain, and sustain their self-esteem and self-actualization. I am also not going to be frugal or inexpensive in praising American exceptionalism, even with the uncertainty and her current period on moral and self-trial!

The mind is a terrible thing to waste! But, when vulnerable minds are not well protected from the ugly nuances of information dissemination, the minds become naked for easy penetration of falsehood, deception, fraud, grotesque lies, misinformation, disinformation, and moral extortion in people's everyday life.

According to the online dictionary, information is "what is conveyed or represented by a particular arrangement or sequence of things" to inform the informed and uninformed general public. Information is generally and genetically transmitted to enlighten and nurture sane minds that seek general knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the events, incidents, or happenings around them or in the world. However, once senses become susceptible to falsehood and manipulation, disinformation catalyzes and spices all kinds of conspiracy theories to feast or feed fat on people's deliberate ignorance and naivety.

Disinformation is "false information intended to mislead, especially propaganda issued by a government (or private) organization to a rival power (party) or the media." For instance, most of the susceptible western population and its social ecosystem have been systematically manipulated with tricky disinformation by the media and politicians.

Misinformation is "false or inaccurate information, especially (designed) that which is deliberately intended to deceive" people to believe what is not accurate. Examples of misinformation abound everywhere (e.g., on the internet and social media). For instance, politics is more often entangled in a web of conspiracy theories and misinformation these days.

Firstly, as a global pacesetter, the United States of America is the inventor and forerunner or messenger of news, events, innovations, etc. The world looks up to the American power of examples, not the measure of its military might and power. Whatever American news media churn out news, the insatiable world is ready to consume it with gusto. America is heaven on earth for most people on the globe. It's not hyperbolic to express the people's minds in other parts of the world: with the unequal aspiration to even visit this unique country (America) before they die. The hope in American greatness is why it's so crucial for the stakeholders in America to dislodge the nuances of information dissemination prevalent in our society today. The stakeholders in America must preserve American distinction and exceptionalism.

Secondly, on the other hand, some Republicans believe that using culture war and critical race theory to play politics with the tenets of American greatness will sway other White Americans against other nationalities and race. Some of the fringe groups in the Republican Party also want to erase history but history is not reversible and erasable. In the age of information dissemination, history is as alive as what happens today, and history can even predict the future. The good news is that the millennials are color blindside and diverse to nuances of white and black racism. The American millennials (Black Americans, White Americans, Latino Americans, Asian Americans, etc.) see humanity first, and they do not reckon with the deployment of race weapons and cultural strategies to predict their promising future.

In a nutshell, the 2020 general election was convincingly won by the Democratic party's nominee --Joe Biden. In the spirit of sportsmanship, the loser of the general election was expected to accept defeat and congratulate the winner. Instead, the negative nuances (misinformation and disinformation) of information propaganda were employed by the Republican party to dissuade and confuse people whose minds are fragile to understanding the victory of the 2020 US politics. While the world was constantly watching the unfolding ugly political events in the USA, the stakeholders in US politics are complacent to understand the fragile future of American politics. The hijacked Republican party has lost its age-long moral codes to detach itself from the mushroom groups employing conspiracy theories to thwart the democratic norms of the United States. America must not be allowed to slide into anarchy and an autocratic government.

Consequently, the January 1, 2020 insurrection was a blight on the shining democratic norms and moral codes of this unique country-the USA. A silent minority is existentially threatening the power of examples of America in a shrinking party whose ethical codes were once patriotism and conservatism. The once-upon-a-time conservative party has now morphed into a party that embraces lies and conspiracy theories. The party of Lincoln has become a party that cannot win a simple majority in the general elections without employing polarizing ideas to divide or steal the voters' minds. The Red states are being fed the red meats of culture war and cynicism of becoming their neighbors' enemies or the people who do not look like them. Race and culture wars are political tactics and weapons that work in the polity.

Republican Party is now quick to divide the patriotic citizens. They are opportune to have come from a resourceful nation with a diversity of ideas, innovation, creativity, intellectual structure, and patriotism. The recalcitrant Democrats are so complacent to amplify the victory at their disposal to educate the masses of their well-crafted people's programs. Democratic Party is so docile to counter the trumping, flying lies, and conspiracy theories of the other party. Democrats are allowing the conspiracy theorists to steal defeat out of the jaw of their victory. The midterm elections are around the corner, but Democrats will not use the fragile political templates created by the former POTUS to leverage their impending but existentially threatened victory. Instead, they are fighting the internecine war to celebrate their own impending 2022 midterm electoral defeat. I hope they see the glaring handwriting on the wall.

Moreover, it is pertinent to note that America remains the harbinger of the good things for humanity in the nearest future. American leadership must be nurtured, guided, and preserved for the rest of the world. Whatever happens in the United States affects the rest of the world. The vulnerable minds in the Republican party are needlessly afraid of their promising future. In contrast, there is nothing in the 'something' they propagate with deliberate efforts to scare the Red States and the rest of the American people. The Blue States, the Red States, and the Purple states are the political components that make America unique and remarkable. The stakeholders must rekindle the spirit of American collectivism and patriotism to preserve American exceptionalism.