Monday, March 29, 2021
Arizona, USA

"When the sick people call the sane and healthy people sick, the sane people must not sit akimbo to see and allow the sick people to amplify insanity to dismantle sanity and decorum from our society." -Yahaya Balogun.

"Neo-colonialism is eviler than colonialism. Neo-colonialism has eaten deeper into the mental palace and consciousness of Africans." -By Yahaya Balogun.

ome of the looted and stolen African cultural artifacts were discovered recently in one of the British universities. The newly "born-again" citadel of learning, the University of Aberdeen was explicitly one of these "fantastically corrupt" imperial Universities in Great Britain and the European Union. A panel of experts in the University of Aberdeen unanimously recommended returning the priceless Nigerian artifacts looted and stolen (not collections as being embellished by the British media) from Benin city in 1897 by the British soldiers. The soon-to-be repatriated Nigerian Bronze depicts our grand Oba (King) of Benin. According to BBC News, this Benin antique was acquired by the University of Aberdeen at an auction in 1957. It's sadly bittersweet and heartwarming that moral history is unfolding in the prestigious university.

It's exciting and pertinent to note that the assemblage of plant species nurtures fertile African grounds. The grounds provide the world with nourishing foods in the lands watered by tropical rainfall. "How Europe underdeveloped Africa" is a book authored by Walter Rodney. It is a concise book that chronologically exposes the hypocrisy of the brutish British and their co-defilers of Africa. Africa was a continent naturally situated in lush green vegetation. The landscapes of Africa provided the much-needed spaces and tranquility the continent of Africa deserved. Africa was the cradle of civilization. But the colonial masters came and bastardized our beautiful cultural inheritance.

Meanwhile, Continental Africa was a beautiful regional geopolitical clime with the convergence of ideas brilliantly nestled in our delightful cultural estate sophistication. Africa's cultural renaissance rests on the way forward. We must begin reviving our art and literature under our classical models' influence to reordering our cultural values. Africa is currently under the tutelage of neocolonialism----distorted and infused cultural identity. Our continent was raped and defiled by the European imperial manipulators, the imperialists we ignorantly presumed brought uncanny and unsettling civilization to Africa----the relish we all glorify till today. The European imperialists left us with neocolonialism, a humming, brain-washing machine erasing African cultural identity and heritage remnants.

The ancient times of Africa recorded the best of human and natural endowments and development. Still, the brutish British came to Africa through an immoral expedition to defile African well-rounded, rustic, and well-organized cultural representations. The British expeditionists saw the overflow of African resources. They returned to the House of Lords to brief and intimate the House members on exploring African natural resources through colonialism. The periods of the African usurpation by the British were the dark periods of human history. African cultural heritage was ravished. Our Kings, Queens, and Kingdoms were subjects of tricks, assaults, abuses, and inferiority complexes. The colonial masters made a harmless incursion into the traditional African administration. For their administrative convenience, they indirectly governed Africa through what is now known to be "indirect rule." Colonial periods in Africa were the most reprehensible periods in the history of humankind. The period's institutionalized gullibility, hypocrisy, bigotry, and religious dogmatism. We have continued to carry the cross of imperialism to date through religion, political assemblage, and disinformation about African cultures. The British imperialists promoted their superiority complex in faith, and they made African cultures and religions sacrilegiously taboos. The British imperialists organized local and assimilated systems of government.

Contentiously, the evil empire and the British axis of imperialism have become the world's subject of conversation. After Africa's independence from the imperialists, Africa attempted to reconstruct its defiled heritage and moral structures. The brutish British empire and imperialists believed that if Africa is fully independent, liberated, and free from colonialism, it would be a socioeconomic disaster for Europe and its western allies. The British devised a means of recolonizing Africa----and this time around, it would be through neo-colonialism. As I have said in my recent article, "Neo-colonialism is eviler than colonialism. Neo-colonialism has eaten deeper into the mental palace and consciousness of Africans." African leaders have encouraged Africa's neocolonialism and the aftermath of all the evil eras of imperialism.

Furthermore, the lower level of emotion cunningly fostered upon Africa provides:

  • An enhanced chronic and deliberate ignorance.

  • Deliberate indifference.

  • Joyful arrogance among our people.

    It's not unimportant to note that African people's susceptibility imbibed the (European ways of life) imperial recipes garnished with ignorance, religious profiteering through "in God's name plc," and political opportunism. African people are currently relishing in the above nuances and the cobwebs of neocolonialism.

    The way forward:

    The time is ripe to wake up to reordering African value systems. We must cooperate with the conscientious and morally conscientize University of Aberdeen's scholars to return our looted and stolen antiquities scattered around Europe back to Africa. According to Professor George Boyne, the University's Principal and the Vice-Chancellor, "it would not have been right to have retained the item of great cultural importance that was acquired in such reprehensible circumstances." The raging and burning issue of repatriation of stolen Benin priceless bronze advocated by the University of Aberdeen stakeholders is a historic step in the right direction:

    • African people must recalibrate their mental enslavement to see the beauty inherent in their lost cultural identity. African people must begin to take stock of the past, believe in themselves, and reorder their moral values and cultural renaissance.

    • African people must begin to dismantle the spirit of inferiority complex and build their collective self-confidence in the global community.

    • African people must make the current remorseful British leaders pay adequate reparations as compensation for the past's wrong against Africa.

    • African leaders must partner with the morally rearmed and dignified British scholars and other conscientize stakeholders. And support those who believe in the repatriation of priceless African antiquities that have initially been looted and stolen back to Africa.

    The former brutish British imperialists are glorified thieves and sanctified looters. They came to Africa; they looted our people's brains and cultural artifacts, distorted our cultural values, and sentenced African cognition to perpetual gloom, disorganized behavior, mental slavery, religious gullibility, and glorified ignorance. Africa is supposed to be the nurtured cradle of modernization and global civilization. Our lost identity and value system are second to none! Before the mental and moral invasion of African value systems by imperialism's shackle, Africa was still a hub and destination for cultural renaissance, moral virtue, and global civilization. We must revive Africa to restore her dignity to overcome her inglorious colonial past; rejuvenate her past glory, and return Africa to pre-British imperialism.