Thursday, March 11, 2021
Arizona, USA

"The Millennials are changing the face of America. The current youths in America is color-sightless and race-blind. They are harmonizing the world towards equity and amity." - Yahaya Balogun.

"Neo-colonialism is eviler than colonialism. Neo-colonialism has eaten deeper into the mental palace and consciousness of Africans." -Yahaya Balogun

'm not fond of the ugly days (colonial periods) of the brutish British or European, Portuguese, and Arabian colonialists illegally entered Africa's enclaves to enslave her mind. I grudgingly indict our ancestors who allowed the usurpers' unending scams and the superiority complex that continue to dwarf the cognition of generations upon generations of African people. The damage of colonization and neo-colonization of Africa seems historically irreversible and unsalvageable. With the recent global development, hope is on Africa's horizon if its people leverage the new evolution being unleashed by the global millennials.

The brutish British brought lj (civilization) and eyinj ?g ir? ti panykeke (beautiful lies and manipulations) to decimate African cognition. African countries and their citizens need cognitive restructuring and what I call mental de-enslavement. Our political and religious leaders have inherited the plague of lies from their European masters. The worst part of the religious profiteers is that they have made the old European tricks a collective norm. They have fine-tuned religious beliefs for enterprise and money-making ventures. A deception the current generation of European youths (globalists) is jettisoning with great alacrity for globalism and inclusionism.

The deceitful part of the European norms is being adopted swiftly by our African religious leaders--they are even masters at the perfection of this deception. Faithful adherents and followers practice the beautiful part of their religion, the majority of who are in physiological poverty and poverty state of mind. Most of the African religious leaders are religious scavengers. They are destroying the sanctity of the religion that was brought to colonize Africa for perpetual mental slavery.

Meanwhile, while the British allies call Africa the Sh**thole, the white people see Africa as a deposit of ignorance and festered land of religious gullibility. The British explored these wired minds to the detriment of Africans and Brits' advantage. The smart wiring of African minds by the west is bringing human capital flights from Africa to further enrich the Western world's economic prosperity. Unfortunately, the neocolonialists (African leaders), just like their colonial Masters (colonialists), have made everything African evil. Inferiority complex plagues our leaders and labels African religion as fetish and sacrilegious. They have perfected mental enslavement with fantastic corruption and misgovernance.

African leaders and their dwarfed intellectuals are still regaling and rejoicing in this mind buffoonery till today. The emancipation of Africa will come when we go back to basics. Africa must appease the ancient dogmas of Africa to revive, canonize and revive the beatification of her beautiful lost heritage. No amount of academic qualifications you acquired, if you allow perception to blur your realm of realism, you will suffer from mental slavery. You will get ensconced in the plantation of mental colonialism and neo-colonialism.

Meanwhile, it will not be out of ordinariness to see the ignorant religionists in Nigeria using HRM-Her Royal Majesty, a sacred adulation for the Queen but frowning at our revered Obas' canonization of traditional rulers in Nigeria. Religion, tribalism, and the abysmal failure of leadership are the banes to Africa's growth and development. There are so many revered Obas and Obis, and progressive Nigerians. Still, the leaders use religion and tribalism to prevent them from coming to the fore and beautify our cultural heritage. The hypothesis of hypocrisy, jealousy, self-induced hate, "divide and rule," and other cultural vices are the political weapons these mindless leaders use to recycle themselves.

To see meaningful development in Africa, Afrikaan leaders must break the jinx of colonialism and neo-colonialism. Africa is potentially a giant continental economy and food basket of the world. If Africa can leverage its strength and consolidate its stupendous and untapped resources with numerous human capital, it will be a hub for world trade and commerce. The economic integration of Africa will be an economic game-changer for Africa and the world. China is already investing more than six billion dollars in Africa. China intends to invest more in the nearest future! The reorientation of leadership in Africa to jettison corruption can only make this expected boom a reality. African leaders should wake up to allow their citizens to unleash their innate potential. We must begin to suppress or dismantle the evil and intractable danger of neo-colonialism and imperialism from Africa.

In a subtle and mesmerized manner, when you plan to rent out a part of your medulla oblongata, be careful who you rent it out to..! Do not allow anyone to rent a place in your head unless they are potentially good tenants! Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex seem to understand this allegory. Bad tenant appears to be currently occupying the brutish British press's cognition and their blurry counterparts in Africa. They are paparazzi who will peacefully live and not let others live through their tabloids. "More than 25 years after Princess Diana broke her silence about life among the British royals, Meghan did the same. Their stories were remarkably similar..."- New York City Times. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made the right decision to leave a hostile environment for the young family at an auspicious time. Harry seems to have learned from the mistakes of his generous, beautiful mother. A woman who was beautiful inside and outside to bring amity to the world. The global world is shrinking. The Ancient British monarchical arrangement cannot be an exception, and the current structure is unsustainable.

Great Britain seems to have reached the point of inflection where the status quo and the sanctity of Buckingham Palace are being questioned. gb kan l? b rere (no condition is permanent). Karma doesn't recognize any system of government. Karma distributes its rewards and consequences with no partiality. The frightening reality seems to befuddle Great Britain. The Brits are savoring the aftermath of the wrong decision of Brexit. And the pandora's box being opened is concerning to Her Royal Majesty. The marriage between Harris and Meghan is enthralling the world.

Those who sold the idea of Brexit to Britain are the addle-headed protectionists and nativists. They couldn't see or hide securely beyond their race canopy hands! 'Arigisegi' is a remorseful and damning-selfish-insect who likes to weave a rustic and cluster house on its own head. The crux of the matter is that the credit and juxtaposition of Brexiteers turning into 'Regrexiteers' in the unfolding circus show of shame and self-immolation in Great Britain. Who told you the rich could not also cry?

Lastly, I have always loved the gait and beautiful demeanor of the Queen of England. Her Royal Majesty-HRM did not only nurtured all her children and grandchildren, but she also taught them to give mutual respect to everyone in Buckingham Palace and beyond. Her Royal Majesty can still do great damage control to mitigate the impending 'transformation' and potential cankerworms of the Dukedoms. Existentially, "what goes around comes around." "If you know, you know." There must be earnest corrections to prevent the tsunami of transformational changes facing the ancient British monarch. The existential question is: after the present Queen of England, what next? Great Britain must make atonement for the evils of colonialism and pay Africa moral and financial reparations. And Buckingham Palace must trigger a realignment of monarchical government with modernity to meet the 21st Century challenges.