Monday, March 8, 2021
Arizona, USA

uckingham Palace is bracing up for the imminent cataclysm or what the brutish British tabloids and press called "smear" from the interview of the Duchess of Sussex of Buckingham Palace-- Meghan, and her amiable husband--Prince Harry. The interview is billed to air on CBS TV with Ophrah Winfrey in the united states. In a terse or clips before the interview with the royal lovebirds, it's noteworthy that Megan and her husband have been disgruntled and unhappy with the stealthy and unloving attitude towards Megan by the royal family. Whether the Queen or British media and journalists like it or not, Meghan has come to stay as one of several royal duchesses of Sussex in dukedoms.

In a few hours from now, according to CNN, more than 20 million people in the United States will be tuning in to watching the cataclysm or crisis of the Royal Palace's revered image exposed in the upcoming interview. Since the revelation of Meghan and Harry's tumultuous relationship a few years ago, the matriarchal and patriarchal nuances of racism have resurfaced all across the British tabloids in the United Kingdom to demeaning Meghan.

The new reality for the Queen of England may not have been the perception of the British people, whereas, perception is a reality to judgemental people. The articulate Meghan knows the nitty-gritty of how to be a celebrity and still be a normal person in a royal stance without losing her real self. Meghan brings reality to Buckingham Palace and reminds the paparazzi of Britain, and the British family that she was not going to allow anyone to lower her self-esteem and pride in what she has become. She has always disregarding every rumor flushing out of the British tabloids concerning her and her husband's wife.

There's nothing unextraordinary in the ancient's royal family conjugal relationships, but the inception of a love affair between a white Harris and black Megan has generated a lot of nauseating controversies among the British press in the United Kingdom. The royal controversy has made Prince Harris jettisoned all the idiosyncrasies and monarchical nuances of the royal family. He moved to Commonwealth country, Canada, and then relocated to their beautiful home in California, USA.

Buckingham Palace has been unsettling and uncomfortable with the cross-fertilization of racial relationships with their scion. But Prince Harris has been unfettered in his true love affair with his beautiful wife-Meghan. The choice of Prince Harry for a beautiful lady from thousands of miles away from Buckingham Palace seems to be the best choice for humanistic and simple Harry. It looks like Buckingham Palace is sullied in the brand of Harry for Meghan.

Prince Harris is an independent thinking young man whose gait and demeanor to other races spun off the overzealous British media and the royal family. The underpinnings of racism imbued in British journalism are destroying Buckingham Palace and the royal family. Prince Harris belongs to the age of digital civilization and globalization. Harris's thought process and human relations are redefining the royal family in the British 'empire.' The articulate Harris is poised to bring humanity back to moral and ethical standards including the Brits' families. The nuances of the world are changing rapidly. The new millennials are redefining the world, and those who live in the cocoon of the privileged world must begin to see the handwriting on the walls that "all men are created equal" and equality before the laws and regulations of men and women for amity is inevitable in a global community shrinking into a global village. The Buckingham Palace will not be an exception.

Right now, Buckingham Palace must be in unsettling default as the ace interview with their royal son, Prince and Duchess of Sussex--Meghan exposes the existing royal feud in the royal family. Stay tuned tonight as Oprah Winfrey brings the gist of the moment into every keenly individual home in the United States of America, and around the world.