Tuesday, June 15, 2021
Arizona, USA

President Joe Biden

"The COVID-19 pandemic spoke the language so eloquently of our mutual dependence on each other." - Nnedinso Ogaziechi

"Leadership is a Partnership." - French President, Emmanuel Macron

ood riddance to bad rubbish says the popular axiomatic expression to any awful, rueful, and avoidable situation. In the general election of November 3, 2020, the overwhelming majority of Americans punctuated the chaotic administration of President Trump with the election of President Joe Biden--a man of decent and humble beginnings. President Biden's debut in the White House brought maximum relief and balm to thoughtful American people's tensed nerves and souls.

President Biden of the United States of America made his debut official trip to Europe a few days ago. Biden's trip will be a tonic to refresh the wounded US relationship with some of her allies in the world. In the last rueful four years, the previous US guy brought America to her aching knees. The US became a laughing stock whenever the loquacious man surfaced in the international arena or feasted with the world leaders at the conferences of comity of nations.

With amusement, Putin's diplomatic descriptions of Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, in his recent interview, made an exciting muse. Putin's portrayal of both individuals (Biden and Trump) was at the epic proportion of international diplomacy. In the interview, Putin indirectly oiled and hyped up Trump's apparent incompetent and jejune personality as an "extraordinary and talented individual." Trump's four tense years in the Oval Office. Putin's attestation to Biden's experience as Washington established politicians made his description of a wimpy Trump, so amusingly cuckoo, meow, and with other onomatopoeic words fittingly merit Trump. Only students of international politics can understand and deconstruct the gymnastics and Putin's diplomatic language in the interview. The former KGB man's disruptive role in the international community can not be whitewashed and overlooked.

With diplomatic nuance, every astute diplomat and international relations student will understand that Putin is a charismatic scavenger and disruptor of domestic and international politics. Putin is a very skillful and tricky leader in the art of Machiavellian leadership. Putin's intertwined ruthlessness and charming personality endear him to the minds of Moscow and the Russian people. The shrouded and rotund-minded man is also an experienced former KGB leader with manipulative tactics and knowledge of international politics.

The former KGB guy pouted his experience on the 'former guy' of the United States. He knows how to oil the ego of President Trump for personal advantage. Putin had skillfully studied Trump's psychology and understood the fragile but sophisticated political terrains of the United States. Putin believes that for Moscow to remain relevant and formidable in international politics and achieve his aims, he must destabilize American polity. The more instability, and unsteadiness in American politics, the more Moscow and Putin benefit from the chaos in America. Putin got a helpful tool in the juvenile mind of Trump, and he used Trump's egotistical persona to Moscow and Putin's advantage.

Internally, Vladimir Putin leveraged the moral baggage and the cult-like support for the former guy to defraud the American people and the western world. The skillful Putin courted the ego of Trump and romanticized the former voluble POTUS's reality-show persona. Putin has made our man the glorified leader. The behavior of former Potus has distorted and burdened the psychology of so many unsuspecting American people. President Biden is restoring the soul of America and rewiring the stolen minds of some Americans to align with the reality of life.

Ruefully, in return for American halted global leadership, Putin gained maximum control of the former man on the Hill to achieve his prominence and dominance in the West. American exceptionalism was battered and bruised in the international community. Putin's annexation of Crimea sent jitters into the spine of the European countries. The Republic of Crimea is a disputed region and federal question of Russia located on the disputed Crimean Peninsula. Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014. And Crimea is still internationally recognized as being part of Ukraine. While naivete and controversial Trump's regime lasted, American allies sat in trembling desks of diplomacy to confront Russia as Putin reigns with impunity in the homeland and the International community. President Vladimir Putin's effortless annexation of the weak Republic of Crimea made other hapless European countries watch Putin's arrogance and unending-happy-hours in the West.

Moreover, as the G7 summit kicks off in Britain, and as a host, Boris Johnson is leveraging the diplomatic alliance and opportunity along with other American allies to welcome America back to her geopolitical alliances. The G7 (Group of Seven) is an organization of the world's seven largest advanced economies. They are Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK, and the United States. The geopolitical forum added Russia in 19987, and the following year (1998), the group became known as the G8 (Group of Eight). In March 2014, Russia was expunged indefinitely following the annexation of Crimea, after which the political forum name reverted to G7 (Group of Seven).

The upcoming meeting between US President Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin of Russia in Geneva, Switzerland, will test smart strategic diplomacy for US President Joe Biden. Unlike his egoistic or self-centered predecessor who craved embarrassing void attention, Biden is an internationally respectable individual who is not motivated by the pretentious display of egotism, or self-importance, void strength, and weak power. The sense of decency and diplomacy of Biden's leadership will bring to the fore. Moreover, Biden will favorably position America back with the strategic alliance in the international community.

President Biden's steady and diplomatic hands may sway or halt Putin's recalcitrant posture. Biden's measured temperament may make Putin recoil back to pre-Trump's embarrassing era and find a common theme or ground for mutually beneficial diplomacy. Macron of France has succinctly posited that leadership is a partnership. The last four years under Trump saw a dramatic decline in American leadership. Beijing and Moscow relished American fading leadership and exceptionalism due to Trump's discoloration of American values. The United States President, under Biden's leadership, has rejoined and rejigged the transatlantic trade and alliance. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership was a proposed trade agreement between the European Union and the United States. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership establishment was to promote trade and multilateral economic growth among member States. The spread and pandemic of novel Coronavirus-COVID impacted Transatlantic Trade and Investment. Ms. Nnedinso Ogaziechi espoused that: "The pandemic spoke the language so eloquently of our mutual dependence on each other." America is back to lead the world's challenges.

Now that America seems back, America must go back to the drawing board to repolish her beaten portrait in the international arena. It will take time to convince skeptics and US allies that America will have sustainable leadership without going back to the retrogressive period of Trump's era. As Biden's reorder American values, Washington must be cautiously optimistic about regaining the trust of its allies in the emerging new World order.