Monday, July 12, 2021
Arizona, USA

he captioned message above was one of the messages I humbly received via my email to a widely published letter of caution to our enraged Chief Sunday Igboho. The title of this article was culled from Mr. Ola's letter to me. I want to use this medium to thank those who understand the article's imports and thank-but-no-thanks to those who rained abusive messages in their missive to the patriotic writer. Because we are all involved in the liberation and emancipation of ourselves from ourselves, I take the uncomplimentary language with a pinch of salt and Osù (Yorùbá ointment for babies) to rob our emotional state of mind. However, I do perfectly understand our beclouded necessary emotions. We are all emotionally exhausted and angry!

Thank you very much, everyone, for your messages of love and appreciation. In a nutshell, we are all tired of Buhari and his failure of leadership. We are also frustrated about the intractable situation of things and the security problems in the country--Nigeria. Without mincing words, Igboho's boldness should've been the catalyst to wake up the sleeping giants in Nigeria. (I think it actually did in a rueful way). Auspiciously, we appreciate the boldness of Mr. Igboho and others. Still, as one of the stakeholders in the work-in-progress of Nigeria, we will not shy away from talking the talk and walk the walk when it matters. Chief Sunday Adeniyi Igboho's approach is very crude and disrespectful of our collective aspirations. Igboho has good intentions but abusing other important Yoruba people in Yorùbáland, (revered Obas and bereaved Clerics) people whose antecedents are people-oriented and welcoming will further create more division and rancours among us in Yorubaland.

Chief Igboho's fight should be all-inclusive with a modicum of our Yoruba mores ("the essential or characteristic customs and conventions of our community)". Igboho should use common sense as abounding in Yoruba culture to address pertinent, complex, and challenging issues. You cannot fight a State in possession of all the instruments of war and win. It will require strategic and mental warfare and diplomacy to achieve it. In collaboration with their state governments, the mobilized youth can strategically deal with the menace of miscreants and "glorified" herders in our midst if the administration of Buhari fails to deal with them decisively. The Yoruba youth can actually achieve this without necessarily disturbing or hurting the innocent and other law-abiding cultural inhabitants in their midst.

In reality, we must not stand in front of a moving train; we might get crushed. You cannot also shave the heads of other people (with collective aspirations) in their absence. Igboho needs to consult with other responsible stakeholders in his self-styled historical moment and movement. The Avtomat Kalashnikova—AK-47 and other Russian, Chinese, and American weapons and ammunition do not recognize our rudimentary and ramshackle local instruments (Juju) of ancient warfares. It is instructive to note that we are in the 21st-century challenge, requiring 21st-century strategies and solutions. With its sophisticated weapons, Boko Haram is being blistered and exterminated like grasshoppers by the Nigerian army with those sophisticated and modern warfares from the USA, China, Russia, etc. Those urging Igboho to use local and ramshackle amulets as a force to fight a dysfunctional state and the mindless politicians are now tactically running away from him. Sadly, Igboho's aids recently killed by the state instruments of force are having their families bereaved. We must always attempt to see while crying profusely to find solutions to our non-existing but sustained unnecessary problems in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, this writer is a law enforcement officer with the state of Arizona. He works in the state penitentiary institution. He understands the Use of Force Continuum. Unfortunately, there is no such (Use of Force Continuum) in the lexicons of our Law Enforcement Agencies in Nigeria. They are "Kill and Go" instruments of a ruthless (state) government. The Nigerian system is in a state of paralysis, contradiction, and confusion. The DSS, as a law enforcement agency of a state, is licensed to kill any hindrance impeding its operations and commands. If you want to catch a monkey in a state of anomie or lawlessness, you have to behave like a monkey to tame the monkey; otherwise, the monkey will continue to be very elusive to elude your unwise and tactless antics. Nigerian politicians are elusive Monkeys. The only language they understand is show-off and affluence through corruption. It requires tactics, maneuvering, strategic planning, strategic mobilization, and sustained efforts to tame them. As Mr. Ola O., one of those who messaged me rightly pointed out in his appreciation of my sustained efforts to see a new Nigeria, NETWORKING, SOCIAL MEDIA, and maximum DIPLOMACY would be the best options for Nigerian youths. If properly used, the three tools (Networking, social media, and diplomacy) can demobilize and disincentivize our rogue politicians in ABUJA and all other geopolitical zones in Nigeria. We should stop killing ourselves for their amusement.

In retrospect, the recent story of these victims of needless strive at Igboho's house will bear the psychological trauma of our collective woes and problems as a nation. The late Chief MKO Abiola is a referential point to buttress my elucidating point. You do not have to agree with this writer to believe the ounces of his presentation and submission. History is not bunk in the story of Chief MKO Abiola and his coteries of enablers and the cunning tortoises who pushed him to his untimely death. I hope Igboho, Sowore, Kanu, and other comrades fighting to emancipate their people wise up and listen to our sincere admonition and cry. My father of blessed memory taught me the RACE of life. That is, how to Recognize, Avoid, Cope, and Evaluate high-risk situations. My current job in the law enforcement community has further fine-tuned the RACE of life inherent in my father's advice and admonition.

This writer is a tireless writer who believes in a nation's unity and diversity--a country searching for her beautiful cultural identity. Even if Nigeria eventually becomes a fragmented entity today, I can bet you that the Almighty CORRUPTION will resurface from its splintering parts. We will begin another circumlocution of agitation for secession from its needless fragmentation. There is nothing wrong with Nigeria. YES! There is nothing wrong with Nigeria. What is false or the problem with Nigeria is the absence of credible leadership to identify our common bonds and leverage them for the common good of everyone. To the government of Buhari, we will not get tired of telling his government that the people's aspirations will always prevail if they talk with a collective voice. It is not too late for Buhari's administration to begin to have a national conversation with the referendum. The people's collaborative and strategic "will" will ultimately win a system that refuses to engender peace and tranquility. It is a matter of timeless time with history!

Furthermore, the recent meeting of Southwestern governors in Nigeria was very commendable. However, the communique of their arrangement must be made known to the Federal government and public. It must address the issue of Igboho and the Federal government's security shoddiness in Nigeria. As succinctly advised by one of my esteemed readers, it is high time the governors from the Southwest began to go into mechanized farming for regional and self-sustenance. It is pertinent for the Southwest's governors to outrightly ban the menace of the herders and their destructive animals. The violent gracing and roaming of the farmers' farmland and the Yoruba enclave must not continue. The governors must speak with one voice to condemn the heinous crime and find a holistic approach to dealing with the horrific activities of the Fulani herders. The miscreant herders are not spirits; they live in our midst; therefore, they must be smoked out and made to face the total weight of the laws.

Last but not least, my advice to my Nigerian comrades and contemporaries, let's markdown the corrupt practices of our tired politicians. Let us discount their mental capacity and wrestle power from them with 21st-century reconnaissance. Let us reason together to re-invent a troubled nation we dearly love and beloved. If properly harnessed and utilized, the incredible Nigerian resources and her diversity can make Nigeria a superpower nation and a formidable country in the world in the nearest future. The current youth but deprived dreamers in Nigeria are the collective representations of the progress of Nigeria. They should continue to dream dreams.

Again, I humbly appreciate everyone whose words therein their encouraging letters boost the morale of glorified citizen yonder, a son of the soil of the Federal Republic of Nigeria yearning for an egalitarian society in his beleaguered homeland.