Sunday, July 4, 2021
Arizona, USA

O Dear Compatriot Nigerians,

e advised, America, France, Canada, Britain, Russia, Israel, China, etc., have their own peculiar mess (i.e., "penkele┤me`esý" to borrow our late Ibadan politician Adelabu's dialectical coinage). So if you have a utopian wish on your fantasized wishlist that any of the countries above will come to solve our peculiar problems in Nigeria, you are in the bottomless pit of nothingness and fantasy.

Meanwhile, if you are a student of international diplomacy and national interests, you will understand that Nigerian problems can only be solved by Nigerians, not by these individualistic countries, pronto!!! Any of these countries that had militarily intervened in another country's territorial integrity must have had their own constitutional sovereignty violated by the culpable country. Thus, the solution to our self-inflicted problems in Nigeria is self-solvable and self-evident.

However, it's very disheartening to see our leaders in Nigeria postponing the evil days. A famous maxim in the war library says: "those who make a peaceful change (dialogue) impossible, make violent change inevitable." Nigeria must earnestly go back to the drawing board. We must begin to "talk the talk" and "walk the walk." I swear none of the countries mentioned above can withstand Nigeria with conducive climate, human and natural resources. We have abundant milk and honey in our refrigerators in our vast living room, but the vulnerable members of the family are hungry in the midst of aplenty. Something shrouded in mystery is fundamentally wrong with Nigeria. The restructuring of Nigeria is long overdue. Our constitution has been made a shredded paper. We need a new constitution made by the people and for the people, not by the military junta and political usurpers.

With activism, Kanu, Sowore, Igboho, etc., are just a collective representation "fighting" the rot in our system. These aggrieved citizens are the necessary catalysts to remind the government of the injustice, inequality, and unfairness in the system. But some people have got carried away to muse the motives behind these self-proclaimed agitators. Some of them use their popularity to swindle their ethnocentric followers. The arrest or incarceration of these individuals by State security and Intelligence will not solve our mundane but easy problems. It will bring to the fore more secessionists from other deprived and dehumanized ethnic groups in the country. Unperturbed Sowore, recalcitrant Kanu, and stark unlettered Igboho must be given fair hearing in the court of law.

It is pertinent to note that these are not good times in Nigeria. People are suffering, and the government of Buhari needs to harness the citizens' potentials for the benefit of the citizens. The Nigerian government should frantically analyze the constituents of these people's misappropriation of their agitation, and resolve it. While the application of laws must be applied appropriately, and with the dispensation of justice, fairness, and equity, the followers of these individual agitators must measure their activities to prevent loss of lives. We must not result in militancy to resolve our collective problems.

Cautiously, a maimed or decimated life is a minus to the population of the aggrieved people and the agitators. Therefore, we must thread our steps with caution and allow peace to reign. The Federal government of Nigeria, too, must find peaceful resolutions to our intractable problems in Nigeria. Nigeria leadership has failed the hapless followership. "We are all involved," and we must come together to rebuild a crumbling structure called Nigeria. Let's change our ways; let's reason together!

Without any hyperbolic submission, Nigeria seems to be the most blessed nation on the face of the earth. "If you know, you know." But how to connect our mundane dots to meet our internal challenges and the challenges of the 21st century is our collective burden. Again, we will be kidding and hiding behind or under a one-canopy hand if we nestle in the utopian expectations from any of the countries earlier mentioned particularly, the brutish British.

In conclusion, the most painful part of our problems is that whether you're domiciled in America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, or even anywhere in the world, it's a privileged place for you---a borrowed space or the place is a domiciliary care for your immediate sustenance. IlÚ ni Ób˛ simi oko (Home is home). As we are literally and currently weeping for Nigeria, we must also attempt to open our eyes to see beyond our drowning noses! Folks, weep not for Kanu, rejoice not for Sowore, muse not for Igboho, etc. Let's cry for our collective fate in the constituents of a troubled Nigeria and the future of a country we dearly love.

A word is enough for the wise!