Sunday, January 31, 2021
Arizona, USA

"Anything that's human is mentionable, and Anything that is mentionable can be more manageable. When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary." -Fred Rogers

ellness is the act of practicing healthy habits daily to attain more excellent mental health. And also to achieve better physical results and grow luxuriously to survive in every complex environment. Without being economical with words, we all seem to suffer from cognitive distortions and mental health problems in Nigeria. If I were to be President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I would declare a state of emergency on national cognitive behavior and healthcare from day one. I would import psychologists, psychiatrists, and experts on behavioral health from recognized universities worldwide to do forensic mental health examinations on all of us, including the president.

Truth is bitter! Nigerian leaders, pastors, Alfas, entrepreneurs, artisans, religious congregants, army, police, and custom and immigration departments, entertainment and blueship workers, pedestrian mechanists, teachers, professors, retired workers and pensioners, former and current Heads of State, students, market men and women, pilots, commercial drivers, and those of us who are glorified "plantation workers" in the diaspora, etc., we all need mental health examinations.

Be advised; this writer is not a psychologist. Neither is he a medical doctor to diagnose or prescribe medical antidotes or remedies to our ailing and collective cognitive distortions or dissonance. The writer is a realist with a pragmatic approach to solving pungent national problems. The common (standard) commonsense that abounds everywhere is enough for everyone to identify the craziness and misnomer behavior in all of us. We are jinxed in Nigeria, nay Africa. Africa needs urgent cognitive and moral redemption.

In reality, something is fundamentally wrong with all Nigerians, nay Africans. Every day in Nigeria is one day, one trouble! We sleep trouble; we breathe trouble, dream trouble, and wakeup to see and do trouble. Trouble pervades everywhere. Trouble is in our DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), i.e., our generic and genetic makeup. The more you look in Nigeria, the less you see our problems with deliberate indifference and contradictory nature. Leadership is bedeviled with selfishness and ignorance, and followership is bewitched by misplaced priority, unhealthy competition, and naughtiness.

In Nigeria, nay Africa, the stiff competition, instant gratification, and penchant for wealth accumulation have beclouded our moral reasoning and preference for what is best for our health and everyday life.

The Holy Quran explicitly identified three categories of human beings. The first two classes of human beings can never be satisfied with their state of being in this transient world. And the last type is seen as primitive and old-fashioned human beings. The groups are:

  1. Those who, by hook or by crook, find themselves in a penchant search for wealth accumulation and power?

  2. Those who have the insatiable quest for research and knowledge acquisition.

  3. Those who are contented with their humble beginnings and current comfortable positions.

Unfortunately, the third category of people is in the miniature state of the Nigerian, nay African population. The majority of us are in the cocoon of the first category. Our mundane problems are not unsolvable if our cognitive setup is critically examined and honestly evaluated. Inextricably, this writer will still potentially be dragged to the altar of crucifixion to have suggested that everyone be mentally diagnosed in Nigeria. Nigerians, by extension—Africans are strange species of Homo Sapiens. Every human problem defies every solution in Africa. The more normal you want to be in an abnormal society, the more abnormal you become in the abnormal dwellers' eyes. Nigeria, nay Africa, is a society in a state of anomie and quandary. Take an excursion into the religious leaders and politicians' mental nomenclature and circle; their false religiosity and behavior are stomach-churning and ridiculously concerning. The latter will blur your cognition with a predilection of predictions to suit their religious and political profiteerings.

Nigeria has been reduced to a state of hopelessness by the long misrule by its leaders. This has adversely affected the mental state of the people. The leadership climb the ladder of power but failed to lead their people to the promised land. Successive hedonistic Nigerian leaders have always accumulated illegal wealth at the people's expense; after they are no more alive, their voided wealth is nowhere to be found decades after decades of needless wealth accumulation. Only those who had rightfully acquired their wealth maintain their hard-earned luxury with grace and ease. Karma deals with everyone in Nigeria according to the level of their misdemeanor and antecedents. We all pretend not to understand how karma functions. The hypothesis of hypocrisy and nuances of inadequate surveillance for values have always been the repetition of a failing nation.

Nigerian leadership is the offshoot of its followership. How do people explain the insane gathering of wealth and resources they do not need in life, and at the expense of the masses? What moral legacy are they leaving for their children? How do people want their children to explain to the world how they got all the "perishable." and unexplainable wealth they have accumulated? These are all burning questions that should prod the minds of these politicians and their enablers. Expeditiously, it is more than necessary to trigger a collective mental evaluation of everyone in Nigeria.

Hypothetically, if after our collective mental evaluation, the results of our collaborative cognitive assessment might prompt a national conversation, and we might be on our way to solving our mysterious problems in Nigeria, nay Africa. Nigeria is currently in a state of dystopia. The level of our dysfunctional system is aggravating our collective amnesia for a nation we dearly beloved. We are all mentally glorifying misplaced priorities in Nigeria. We all need to undergo a mental evaluation in Nigeria! Until we all got our mental wellness examined, we will continue to beat about the bush chasing preys that are injurious to our collective wellness.