Sunday, February 21, 2021
Arizona, USA

R-L; U.S. President, Joe Biden, and Vice President-elect, Kamala Harris

"You cannot clap with one hand." - Late Chief MKO Abiola
n the last rueful four years, the last US-man brought America to her aching knees. The US became a laughing stock whenever the loquacious man surfaced in the international arena or feasted with the world leaders at the conferences of comity of nations. For bad four years, a leadership vacuum was created in the global community. The world was in disarray as other world leaders looked askance at the irresponsible leadership of the United States of America.

The last POTUS promoted nationalism, unilateralism, isolationism, and protectionism (MAGA) at the expense of multilateralism, inclusionism, and globalization. He made American image claptrap by clapping with one-hand and ostracized other US strategic European Allies. The results of his America Alone (MAGA) were catastrophic and disastrous for the American image and her global role in leadership.

Without any extenuating circumstances, America abdicated her leadership roles, and a beleaguered world suffered colossal morbidity through a pandemic of Coronavirus. Were America to be real America during the gestation period of Coronavirus in China, America through her quintessential leadership, would have tamed the widespread and global mutations of the lethal virus ravaging the world. We are more pleased with President Joe Biden--the brand new POTUS who is poised and steadied to restore decency and good governance in global leadership. Biden is a decent and assertive leader with no garrulity, juvenile personality, deceit, and pretense in demeanor and governance. His words are his bonds, and with his incredible knowledge of domestic and international politics, the world will again heave a sigh of relief!

In a nutshell, this man-Joe Biden is strategically inclined to restore the soul of the United States of America. The US trans-Atlantic relations are back with mutual respect. The US is recommitting her crucial leadership role in the world. Biden is determined to bring the world along-- and together with mutual respect to addressing or mitigating the nuances and other existential threats facing the global community. The unassuming Joe Biden is reassuring our European partners that the US will be "fully committed to our NATO alliance" and provides shared values to confront the multilateral and multi-faceted geopolitical challenges around the world.

As the President is saddled with domestic challenges, it will be extremely a daunting task and challenge for Joe Biden's administration to bring American leadership back to the world stage. But the vintage Joe Biden can do it! Without America being transactional but participatory, President Biden has assured the world of the American approach with her Allies, that, it will be mutual engagement to resolve global problems. American roles going forward will be a mutual partnership with the rest of the world. We are determined to recoup our shared values, respect, dignity, and global partnership and leadership.

With President Biden's clear memorandum of understanding-MOU with American Allies and the rest of the world, America is back! Joe Biden understands domestic and international politics. Biden's wealth of experience and decency personally, and in the business of government. The renewed alliance will be a political catalyst to restore the American global role and "earn back our position of trusted leadership" in the world. We are on the move again to "Build Back Better--BBB", and use the US leverage and prosperity to create opportunities for the American people and bring harmony to the troubled world.

Without any equivocation, President Biden seems to be reassuring America's Allies and the world that while the US is restoring her bruised soul from the last four years of chaotic domestic politics and international argy-bargy; unlike the former kindergarten or fixated 11-year old juvenile POTUS, matured President Biden will not be engaging in a transactional or extractive leadership but he will be recommitting to an exploration of transformational diplomacy and all-inclusive partnerships to earn back American global respect and lead the world again. It's also pertinent and instructive to note that America's future may be premised or defined, and be made or marred by the success or failure of Biden's government. Now, the greater contingency and encumbrance are on Biden's administration. How President Biden explores the bright new normal in the United States will leverage or burden America's comparative advantages. And America will be the ultimate beneficiary and to the admiration of the expectant and beleaguered world.

"America is back!" Let's go work!