Wednesday, February 3, 2021
Arizona, USA

ai...Kai...Kai.GEJ!!! Do not listen to them pronto!

The 4-NGs want to use you again as proxy power.
They mean no well for you but your tainted regime.
Process your thoughts and act smartly and wisely.
Coalesce with the Southeastern youth to be leaders.
Bring out the best of leaders amongst them.
Let S-Eastern youth carry the banner of N-leadership.
Your contemporaries have failed the S-Eastern region.
It will be a misnomer to come back without
Your partnership with the youth of the Southeast.
S-Eastern youth must change the strategy of rage.

Kai...Kai...Kai.GEJ!!! Do not listen to AGIPs!
They're ignorant people with no moral identity.
Let your peaceful mien and grace ace us.
Get the Eastern youth together to ask for equity.
Let's cry for justice, fairness, and equity in the polity.
We must restructure to include southeastern youth
In leadership equations at the helm of affairs.
Let's balance the equation of geopolitics of Nigeria
To bring peace, equity, justice, and harmony
To a beleaguered nation in search of good leaders.

Kai...Kai...Kai.GEJ!!! We are all born to rule.
Nigeria belongs to all of us and the critical youth.
If justice is done, mutual love and peace will ensue.
Endurance of love and respect will come to us.
Do not come back to disgrace your peaceful past.
In Africa, your enemies are your friends.
Your friends are your enemies and brawlers.
Do not enter the 2023 race as chivalry and valor.
Your acquiescence to defeat in 2019 was aced.
Let your regime be our last collective journey to the past.

N = Nigeria S = South AGIPs = Any Government In Power 4-NGs = Four Northern Governors

I weep for Nigeria. Our leaders are killing the future of our youth in Nigeria. We are a nation like Myanmar whose leadership is bedeviled with mindless men and women who are living a larger than life in opulence without accountability. A nation whose vulnerable citizens live in squalor, and total neglect. A nation whose youth can't even meet their basic physiological needs within the precinct of abundance. It's absolutely frustrating and demoralizing to see a nation with vibrant youth living at the crumbs and merciless mercy of their leaders who care less about them. I wish and hope Jonathan sees the conspicuous handwriting on the black wall before he meekly falls a political prey in the hands of Northern oligarchs. My advice to Jonathan is carefully crafted with my quill in this chunky poem above. I hope he reads it and takes appropriate and smart action.