Sunday, August 29, 2021
Arizona, USA

fter the LOVECATION book was published, the author, who happens to be a quiet and introverted Alfa, has been in the state of mind of "ponderers, mullers, and musers and the court of the dwellers of the rancorous but beautiful zuckerville village. So he asked rhetorically in his agape mind: "How can an 'Alfa' and a brother write a book that can potentially make one commit "touchery" in the absence of a partner? Well, Alfa is a human being and creative writer, too; because Alfa is a human being, he must not abort his ideas but express or deliver every pregnancy of words of amity in his mind. Thus, your sanctimonious mindset is leverage for Alfa even to be more musing for insatiable creativity.

From time immemorial, every man born of a woman is full of mischief and potential pretense. On the other hand, every woman born of a man is a potential troubleshooter. A patriarch is an imaginable naughty animal ready to be consumed in the smitten nest of matriarchy. Truthfully, shame unto any woman in the world who cannot rule the machismo minds of men!

Funnily, in one of my conversational banters with one of the buyers and readers of LOVECATION book yesterday, the poor home-alone-woman attempted to "indict" me and uncover my consciousness of guilt in the court of the matriarch after she read the LOVECATION book alone. She confessed that she had dripped, dripped, and wetted her mother nature's given armory like an incontinent woman. She had to lusciously drop the book in her drawer to wait for her lovers to come and "slaughter" her in the Oza room, sounds familiar?.... hahaha..!!!

Well, unapologetically, I ruefully "apologized" to the poor reader for making her commit "touchery" of her arsenal in the absence of her unavailable and absent or runaway partner. However, the consequences of reading LOVECATION alone is the reason why I seriously "warned," or cautioned prospective buyers of LOVECATION: A True Love In Verse." In the book's synopsis, I noted that the readers must not be home alone, read alone, or arm alone with LOVECATION book unless their true partner-in-crime (sorry partner- in-love) is around to compliment their luscious and ecstatic reading. LOVECATION book is a graphic representation of true love life! It's a tool or enhanced relationship catalyst for true lovebirds searching for a nestled parlance to confess their true prenuptial or postnuptial relationships mutually.

To some of us in the cocoon of religiosity, pseudo-moral sanctity, and sanctimonious pretense, I am very "sorry" and "unapologetic" to have rousingly triggered a (un)necessary excitement in our book of pretense. In the raging war between Matriarchy and Patriarchy, every man (patriarch) and woman (matriarch) is known for a gifted and prurient mind. What we do with the profundity of our minds to plant joy or happiness in people's homes is what matters most to an insatiable writerólike this author. Please, get over your stealthy piety, get me "arrested" in your minds, and "sentence" me into the "prison" of love and amity. I am an unrepentant love creator who cares more diminutive in the comity of pretenders! In my "solitary confinement," let me be "guilty" as "charged." I will continue to write and explore the molybdic of man to enhance man's humanity to man to make this world a lively place for peaceful cohabitation or coexistence.

Don't work hard; work smart as you go forth or dissolve into the reluctant work week. Have a blissful and fun-filled week ahead. Get a copy of your LOVECATION book, a handy and potent material for lovebirds preparing for joyful love vacations or holidays.

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Enjoy your LOVECATION, and stay loved, folks!

Yahaya Balogun is the Author of LOVECATION: A True Love In Verse!